By Michael Oberndorf · June 29, 2012

Over the past 60 years, American courts have done more to damage America and the freedoms guaranteed to us by our constitution than all of our enemies combined. From the “right” to kill unborn babies to yesterday’s declaration that the government has the “right” to force us to “purchase” whatever they want or be subject to forfeiture of whatever part of our private property the government sees fit to confiscate, the courts have manufactured “rights” out of pure fantasy and thin air on a regular basis. And with each “right” has come a loss of freedom.

The topic has been discussed in numerous venues, including the excellent book by Mark Levin, “Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America.” Ann Coulter, too, has written numerous columns on the subject. And hardly a day has gone by without a news story of some black-robed left-wing activist turning loose child molesters, rapists, and murderers, cutting off water needed by our farmers to grow the food that feeds us so that some obscure minnow or water bug can have it instead, or giving criminal invaders all the genuine rights of American citizens, or adding bricks to the chimeral “wall of separation” that leftists have built between God and Americans, or basing decisions on foreign or Islamic shariah law.

The most recent pontifications from on high mean that states have no right to enforce federal laws in an effort to protect their citizens from harm, and can be punished for having the temerity to try. In addition, the government now has the power to demand that we do anything — repeat, anything — of which Obamacare is just the beginning, as long it meets their twisted definition of being in the public good. We have already seen that SCOTUS believes public good includes taking the private property of individual citizens and giving it to others who claim that they can make it more valuable, thereby generating more tax money for government (see Kelo v City of New London).

The proverbial bottom line is that our judicial branch, with the cowardly complicit silence of Congress — the legislative branch — and the encouragement of the executive branch, has brought us to the brink of totalitarian dictatorship. They have laid the “legal” foundation for the executive branch to essentially do just about anything they feel like, and there’s not a bloody thing we can do about it. Almost.

If we make it to the election before the would-be dictator currently occupying the White House completely destroys the country, or uses or manufactures a national emergency to declare martial law, we can throw these traitors to their oaths of office in Congress and the executive out like the despicable trash they are. We need to make sure that those already in Congress who have spoken out and fought against these attacks on the Constitution and the Rule of Law remain there, and new members who will join them in this fight are elected.

The misleadership of the Republican Party, most of whom are RINOs who regularly cave to the leftists (except at election time), need to be de-elected, if not from office entirely, then at least from their positions of power within the party. Their constant acquiescence to the demands of the Marxist/neo-fascist Democrats and the uncritical acceptance of the unacceptable court rulings has led us to this brink we find ourselves teetering on. Unfortunately, we have allowed them to do it by not removing them from office a long time ago. We sorely need to correct this error.

For far too long, conservatives have used the excuse of being too busy with their own affairs to actively get involved in what is supposed to be self-government. When I was in school, we were taught that this was our “civic duty.” Too many young people have never been taught this, and far too many older people seem to have forgotten this. The Tea Parties have done a lot to get us involved again, but we must not become complacent. It’s imperative that we increase our efforts, that we give more of our time and money, while we still have some.

These latest court rulings have made it crystal clear to all but the willfully blind or the terminally stupid that life is going to change radically for Americans unless radical counter-measures are taken. We have witnessed the imposition of the sort of tyranny that drove our Founding Fathers to “dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them.” Perhaps the time has come to think about doing this again.

William B Dean in 15410 La Paz /Dr Victorville CA 92395
Friday, June 29, 2012

All absolutely true! The biggest enemy of the American People is…….The American People. We elect these Aholes to office who then turn around and appoint like-minded Aholes to office and then we turn around and whine and complain that they are scewing us Well, of course they are–that’s what they do best. If public intelligence doesn’t come up out of the porta-potty and get busy we have no right to complain about any of these bastards–we put them there and if voting them out of office doesn’t work, then get out our guns, oil them, load them, and march on DC (Drug City.)

Adrien Nash in Crescent City, CA
Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hopefully, like myself, tens of millions of other Americans will feel and think exactly what you’ve expressed. Thank you. And thank you, Chief Traitor Roberts, you disgusting stink bug for fouling the nest of your nation with in indefensible distortion of reality, -one that flies in the face of reason and language, and validates the marxist position that the federal government possesses unlimited power

. Now that you’ve outed yourself as just another slimy progressive statist tyranny-defender & enabler in conservative’s clothing, what you’ve done is ignite a prairie fire of opposition to the suppression of individual liberty and the cancellation of the Constitution. And thanks a lot ex-AG Alberto Gonzolas, who like your former boss and statist president, Bush, for fully vetting another fellow RINO just like you and your appointer. How does it feel to be a stealth socialist? -to wear the clothing of conservatism while being a traitor to its principles? I always strongly suspected that no good thing could come from a Peter Principle slug such as yourself, and now, unfortunately, you’ve proven that suspicion in spades. This is the result when an incompetent, insightless electorate can’t see incompetence and insincerity even when its looking them right in the face. They blindly elect them as leaders and instead of putting on the brakes they just apply the accelerator pedal even harder. Straight toward the fiscal cliff!

To the new Benedict Arnold who sold out his own country, your future victims are now awake and aware that it’s time to vote in a whole new slate of freedom defenders who will be willing to put a leash on your court’s wild and dangerous tendencies via their constitutional authority to dictate where the authority of you and your socialism-loving counterparts ends. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll never see a free America again in our lifetimes.


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