The Leftist-Devotees of Big Brother Progressive Religion

Mao the Democrat

My take-away from David Kupelian’s piece (“World’s most politically correct mass murderer”) is that America is teetering on a fulcrum. On the one side are Americans who can still think for themselves, who are guided by some sort of moral compass and who dislike attacks on the Constitution. On the other side are the legion of the clueless or disengaged, or those who believe whatever a modern-day Mao Zedong would tell them is true. That can explain why 40 percent of Americans surveyed still support a divisive and dangerous pathological liar as president. Naively, I thought George W. Bush would go down as the republic’s most damaging president until sock puppet Barack Hussein Obama bested Bush by more than doubling down on debt, government takeovers and Big Brother.

Obama, we are told, is a progressive. Government is the god of progressivism whose religious creed is easily recapped: “The government giveth, the government taketh away.” Contrast that to what John F. Kennedy, a life-long Democrat, declared in his 1960 inaugural: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

How bad have things gotten? Well, in the Democratic Party of 2012, JFK would be far too conservative to be run as president, whereas Mao might be a shoe-in!

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” the legion of the clueless or disengaged”, add to them the legions of those in government-suckling dependency and those wallowing in the stye of victim-hood.  The sheep rely on the shepherd (the government) and he relies on the sheep dog (the bureaucrats) and none of the sheep are curious about where the truth lies nor where adulthood begins and juvenile acceptance of subservience to the ruling elites (and their endless handouts) ends.  It’s impossible to uneducated an educated populous, but similarly, it’s almost impossible to educate an ignorant, indifferent, intellectually lazy, indulgence-driven populous that isn’t curious about anything of significance that affects their lives and their future. AN


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