The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam

“I wanted to make something that told the truth, even if that truth is hard to swallow. It’s funny because I run a website called Global One TV, which has had about 23 million visitors so far, and the theme of this blog is that “Inward Revolution Creates Outward Revolution”.  And here I was having to take my own medicine.  My own inward revolution – the questioning of one’s conclusions in search of a deeper truth – had led me to a very strange place.  I thought of the famous Nietzsche quote that says “When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you”.

And with nothing left to lose, I used my position at Daily Kos to go about telling the truth.

In January of 2012 I wrote 3 consecutive articles for the Daily Kos.  The first was entitled “ and Radical Islam”.  Here I pointed out the how Loonwatch only deflects criticism of radical Islam.  I was also critical of Islamic theology while noting over and over that most Muslims were peaceful.  The comments section of Daily Kos made me feel like I was attending my own funeral.  It was like a public stoning.   There wasn’t much in the way of responding to any of the points laid out in my article but hundreds of comments accusing me of being “right wing” a “bigot” and an “lslamophobe”.  This was disappointing.

Given the incredible density of the popular Liberal mind, how the readers of my articles were unable to see how the beliefs of Islam were in direct conflict with human rights, gay rights, women’s rights and basic Democratic Values, I wrote a final piece called, “Are You In Favor of Human Rights?” and that one of course got me banned from Daily Kos.

read the full article here:


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