Massacres Show How Evil Is Real

Grassroots Commentary
Evil Is Real
By Steve Morgan · July 24, 2012

In the course of our national discussion over the horrific mass murder in Colorado, I have heard time and time again phrases like, “Who would do something like that?” or “How could anyone do that?” It’s the same question every time these terrible things have happened over the past few decades. From Luby’s in Texas, the McDonald’s in San Diego, Columbine High School or Virginia Tech, the questions are the same. It’s not just here in the U.S. either, no matter what some ill informed America hating pundits would opine. Sadly, these insane slaughters occur world wide. Is there a common denominator to help answer these questions? I believe there is.

For several decades now our Western culture has eliminated the once almost universally given understanding of our rightful place in the world and in time. We have methodically eroded our Judeo-Christian faith and destroyed our religious underpinnings, replacing them with the rotten core values of self-esteem and self-centeredness. We have methodically removed God from our homes and replaced Him with ever more vile, degrading, and disgusting TV, video games and movies.

In our public schools we teach our children that life is an accident of nature, there was no creation by a loving God who holds us accountable. We teach that man rose from some primordial ooze and then we scoff and ridicule those who believe that the universe had a Creator with a purpose, and that man has a place in God’s creation.

We have legalized the brutal slaughter of our unborn children in the womb, replacing ugly truth with a more pleasing lie called “choice.” We renamed the almost sacred reverence for life in the womb from being “with child” to a burden, known as nothing more than a faceless blob called a “fetus.” Any society that can condone and even pay for the murder 50 million innocent lives has NO right to be outraged at this brutal act.

Is it really any wonder as to how something like this could happen — or who could do it? My friends, we have once again looked into the eye of the beast and seen that evil is real. The real problem is that those same beastly eyes are also a mirror, and that should scare us more than anything else.

Floyd Rathbun in Fallon, NV
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 1:21 PM

Mr. Morgan is correct but a little understated. Our society does refuse to acknowledge that evil really exists or that “sin” exists for that matter. History as well as theology clearly teach us that good and evil are different from each other just as right and wrong are different from each other. Situational ethics was devised to protect a few people from the consequences of bad behaviour.

God spoke through the ancient prophets and explained what is good and what is evil, and He told us to do good. See for example Isaiah 1: 16-18 where we are told to: “cease to do evil; learn to do good; seek justice; rebuke the oppressor; defend the fatherless; plead for the widow” Then Isaiah says “Come now let us reason together” based entirely on what the Lord said not on what humans felt or valued.

CVS in Raleigh NC
Friday, July 27, 2012 at 9:22 AM

Having experienced and felt the chill of evil in my bones its a very real presence, sadly some people and modern day religions, believe it does not exist. American society is under massive attack from the evil whisperer through disharmony, confusion, and disregard for what is HOLY. Gender confusion, race disunity, and a preoccupation with self and sexual gratification, hording wealth, is the new weapon being used on humanity in this country and around the world. With all the knowledge that has been poured into mankind we still cannot recognize the miracle and marvel of our planet, that all humanity is one creation, we still finance wars,create weapons, sell instruments of mass destruction all the while two thirds of the planet lives in poverty and desperation. TALK, TALK, TALK, that’s all man seems to do. The faithful needs to pray without ceasing. Believers in our heavenly creator needs to stand firm and true. Hollywood is a den of iniquity and sadly the leaders, movers and shakers are mostly Jewish. Go figure.


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