The Bizarro World of the Liberals

By Anton D. Rehling · August 8, 2012

The level of lying and misrepresentations from the elected progressive liberal socialist Like Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Schumer, Boxer, Waters, Biden, Obama, et al, since Barry Soetoro aka Obama was sworn as the POTUS has risen to a Bizarro World level from DC comics Superman fame. I can find no other comparison to truly describe the actions and rhetoric of the democrat progressive left.

In Wikipedia, the Bizarro World Code states that all it citizens accept and follow the basic tenants: “Us do opposite of all Earthly things!  Us hate beauty!  Us love ugliness!  Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!”

Today’s Democratic Political agenda must have been taken from the Bizarro World Code and must be how it defines the Democrats belief in government. “Us do opposite of any rational economic sense! Us hate individual freedom! Us love to lie to and steal from those that have elected us! Us love to make up big stories and convince everyone they are true! Us don’t need real votes we just count all votes as ours! Is Big Crime to follow limits of old piece of paper called US Constitution and follow rule of Law!”

The only way to describe the actions of our Progressive Democrat elected representatives from their nightly dreaming to their every waking hour is directly from the Bizarro World code, which is the complete opposite of rational thinking. Bizarro Hope and Change is to destroy all that allows individual creativity and replace it with, “You didn’t build that, somebody else did that!” I have to laugh at that famous Obama statement as a solid definition of Bizarro thinking.

What is even more Bizarro is that there is a segment of our population that believes the Bizarro World statements and policies from those Bizarro progressive socialist democrat leaders. Where did the brains go that used to occupy the space between the ears of those who accept this Bizarro World agenda that the Bizarro left is trying their best to impose on the non-Bizarro world? I can only conclude that there must be brain eating Bizarro World Zombies roaming the streets in cities the progressive liberal concentrations are the highest — how else can you rationally explain the stupidity?

I must interject that I do not view our elected as our leaders, nor do I view them as Law Makers, they were elected to be our representatives, to protect our Liberty and Rights not pass oppressive Bizarro World laws that restrict those rights, not to impose Bizarro World burdensome taxes to enable their non-constitutional benevolence and not to ignore their basic responsibility to provide a common defense of our country. The Bizarro code of the left is no defense is best defense. Bizarro World attitude on unemployment and welfare is those entitlements stimulate economic growth and provide jobs. Are you getting the picture? Can the left get any more Bizarro?

I am not denying that there are certain concerns we citizens have like protecting our environment, but, to place the environment on a pedestal above responsible stewardship and benefit for Mankind is directly from their Bizarro World Play book and makes no sense. The education system since the Department of Education was formed has produced a couple generations of complete idiots, Bizarro World education policy at its most effective. Department of Energy was created to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to develop domestic supplies, when formed our oil imports totaled 30% of our oil needs, now imports are 70% of our needs and domestic energy development has been regulated almost out of existence, Bizarro energy policy! And in the most Bizarro World way possible our Bizarro elected have wasted billions of our dollars on bankrupt nonproductive so called green energy projects like Solyndra etc.

What I find even more Bizarro is the level of willingness of us all to sit on the sidelines and do little more than squeak little complaints about the invasion of the Bizarro World code into our lives and that if it is allowed to continue, unabated, the free lives we had will transform into the Bizarro World opposite of Freedom.

wjm in Colorado
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What would anyone expect after years of bizarro indoctrination, and nighly bizarro propoganda from the television. The sheeple flock to their own slaughter at the hands of the bizarro Democrats. (I still prefer to call them Marxist Statist Traitors).

Adrien Nash in Crescent City, CA
Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the spectrum of phases that republics pass through, we are in the spoiled and apathetic phase.  If American patriots don’t alter the power structure in Washington then we will suffer the fate of the frog lounging and relaxing and luxuriating in the pan of water slowly being heated.
Trouble is that those who should be the guardians of the Constitution and fiscal sanity are complicit with the Bizarro policies of the socialist.  Proof of how ideologically corrupt the RINOs are is the fact that Colin Powel voted for Obama.  On what basis did he cast such a vote?  Racial solidarity, -nothing else, because there was nothing else.  Obumer was a blank slate with a black hole where a past should have been.
Arlen Spector is another example of the kind of ideological purity you find among the RINO traitors to the Constitution.  “Whatever best serves me” is their philosophy.
The agenda of the sociocrats is so Bizarro world-ish that you now have Democratic governors and mayors having to cut them off at the knees because they’ve bankrupted jurisdiction after jurisdiction with their greedy contracts that were never fiscally responsible and sustainable.  Unfortunately, the job situation can’t be measure in dollars and sense so the Bizarro world of environmental edicts and regulations have the same effect but can’t be quantified.  Without a relaxed regulatory environment, and an increase in allowable harvesting of natural resources and use of fossil fuels, natural materials, especially fuel, will never be inexpensive again, and without that there will never be a return to the boom times of ages past.  We will be permanently consigned to this unacceptable new normal.

[Read: The Unmasking of a Counterfeit President: Part I  by Adrien Nash ]


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