Rampant Corruption

The Office of Management and Budget warned that the Energy Department’s restructuring of the Solyndra loan to subordinate taxpayer loans to those of private investors would result in enormously greater taxpayer losses, calling it a “bad idea.” But it proceeded anyway, resulting in $168 million worth of additional losses to taxpayers. What’s more is that the White House’s hands were all over this one; there are no six degrees of separation here, not even one degree. White House chief of staff Bill Daley was explicitly made aware of Solyndra’s grave financial problems before the restructuring decision.

At least a dozen more Solyndra-like Obama brainchildren have gone bankrupt, swallowing taxpayer dollars in their gluttonous paths to failure. In his encounters with Obama, Romney should slowly pronounce these names: Abound Solar, Beacon Power, Ener1, Energy Conversion Devices, Evergreen Solar Inc., Mountain Plaza Inc., Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Co., Range Fuels, Raser Technologies, SpectraWatt and Thompson River Power LLC. Romney should demand that Obama explain how cavalierly shuffling money from the private sector to these fantasy projects could have produced any net jobs in the first place. He should further demand that he be made to answer for the millions upon millions of taxpayer losses caused by their inevitable failures.  David Limbaugh
Adrien Nash in Crescent City, CA    August 7, 2012

Corruption in Washington is business as usual, but what isn’t usual is corruption on such a massive scale, and with such unmitigated arrogance and unrepentant disdain for the rule of law, established policy, common sense, expert testimony, and cold stark statistical facts. Obama’s energy policy is the most blatant example of living solely for the moment and pretending that future consequences don’t exist. They are delusion ideological morons when it comes to financial reality, -like immature children who haven’t learned how to budget, and wouldn’t even if they knew how. If there is anything that his whole sorry tale demonstrates, it’s that dumbocrats don’t give a damn about being responsible stewards of the public’s money, -which includes vast sums “contributed” by the taxpayers of the future, who will be paying half a trillion dollars per year on just the interest alone. With such stewards handling America’s finances, we will be ruined, along with the rest of the world that depends on the dollar.


BEWARE – Democrats must keep their lawyers wealthy and provide them pseudo-science for tort cases. LEAD paint is coming to replace asbestos. asbestos is tapped out – the money pool gone. I own a historic home – full of lead paint. I raised three children there – from birth. For 14 years the house was in a constant state of renovation -piles of debris were plentiful. My children played around me while I worked. We ate in those rooms. The house was covered in paint dust. In the 1990s we heard the first lead paint warning shot. My wife had our children tested – demanded I sit for it too. NONE of us tested positive!!! ALL my children scored over 1900 on their SATs. They all graduated college with honors. There is 200 years of evidence lead paint did not negative impact people living and working in buildings coated with lead paint. Relativity, splitting the atom, landing a man on the moon and so much more was accomplished around lead paint. So why the scare? Lawyers need a new tort money pool. Some children whose parents do not feed them; watch them; ate lead paint chips They were also were bitten by rats – remember those reports? But what is the operative reason – the alleged causal reason for this lead paint craze? Despite over a trillion dollars spent, the efforts to achieve racial academic parity has failed. Lead paint provides a causal mechanism – until all the lead paint is abated. Yes, if you eat lead paint – there are dangers. BUT… DSMA is compound that chelates and detoxifies a body afflicted with lead. Why did the EPA and FDA ban DMSA? There is no evidence – other than it is a cheap compound that treats lead poisoning efficaciously – for banning it. This lead paint thing is another Progressive gift to lawyers, it provides an excuse for why all races don’t achieve academic parity, it is a tacit condemnation of older homes – homes that cannot achieve the energy efficiency Progressives demand… – is it making sense now? Is it getting clearer?

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/08/the_lawyers_party_comments.html#disqus_thread#ixzz237zHCyAJ

If the legal profession wishes to reclaim some measure of dignity and the respect once accorded it, perhaps its members should find ways to work in the cause of liberty rather than against it, as most lawyers now do. Consider the U.S. legal and tax codes, both of which are now in effect anchors around the necks of the people of this country. Whom do we have to thank for these monstrosities? Lawyers-turned-legislators, that’s who. How about some ways of reducing the legal and regulatory burden on the rest of us? Get us moving in that direction, and maybe folks would speak more kindly of the profession.





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