Remarkable Remarks II


I guess I’m jumping on the “doomed” bandwagon too! With just shy of 110 million people on the welfare dole, we aren’t that far away from the tipping point where the simple act of voting will replace tired muscles and sweat on the brow for most Americans earning their living. Obama may not have ushered in the fundamental change he promised in 2008…but he has proven himself to be an unflagging elevator operator taking us many floors down from where we were in 2008. How low can we go? Apparently all the way to the bottom. And knowing that, it should frighten anyone reading this who has children, grandchildren or younger relatives. The profligacy, greed and covetousness of our generation is contemptible and unforgiveable. We had the chance to do the historically American thing and act unselfishly to save our nation. Instead, we doubled down and chose debt and deficit as our legacy. Not all of us, but a sufficient majority to elect the likes of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. If the universe is a fair place then we deserve to suffer for our sins. We need to be made an example for future generations of humans such that they may learn from and not repeat our mistakes or choose the path of selfishness we have chosen.


We’re doomed.  I agree, we don’t “need” to be doomed but we are.
The reason we are doomed is not because of obama’s reckless spending, nor successive government’s reckless spending. the reason we are doomed is because a significant segment of the american voting public, and perhaps those not so american, are ignorant of the need for fiscal responsibility and the taxpayer’s ability to support the burgeoning debt. we are doomed because there are too many who want to enjoy a standard of living they cannot afford and cannot support.

we are doomed not because of the irresponsible politicians who will not make the hard decisions. we are doomed because a significant portion of the american public are increasingly morally bereft, seeing nothing wrong with spending other people’s money, and so elect politicians who are essentially enablers to their addictions.

that is why we are doomed and, for the life of me, i cannot see that segment changing any time soon. only pain makes people change and american society is all about removing pain, avoiding pain.

bring on the soma.


The bottom line is that once the government set down the path of taking one person’s money to pay for the ‘living expenses’ of another person, the end-game (which we’re very close to now) was a certainty; the only question was when. And our brilliant politicians had to have known this. But of course, only those politicians who promised one group of people the money belonging to another group of people (taxpayers), were usually elected. So the politicians secured THEIR FUTURES (their ridiculous pensions and health plans) at the expense of the country and the taxpayers.

Remember when Americans were a proud and self-reliant people? You can read about that in books or see it in movies (my favorite is Dancing with Wolves). The days when everyone worked and no one expected to sit home and collect a check for not working – whether it was called ‘unemployment’ or ‘disability.’

Margaret Thatcher predicted this outcome in her oft-quoted statement “The only problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Well, we’ve reached that point . . . and it’s gonna get real interesting soon!!

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