The Perfect Lie: How Comey Conned Everyone (including you)

The Perfect Lie: How Comey Conned Everyone (including you)

In one of the most masterful manipulations in American history, former FBI Director James Comey employed a tactic of deceit that fooled everyone. It was so successful because it involved a technique so believable, and previously unknown, that it resulted in a perfect prevarication that everyone assumed was the truth. You need the mind of Sherlock Holmes to unravel it’s real motivation and invisible methodology. While pretending to be playing checkers like everyone else, Comey was engaged in what is known as three-dimensional chess.

The public is generally aware of Hitler’s employment of “the Big Lie”, -a lie so big that it is immediately rejected, but through strong and repeated reiteration of it, it begins to penetrate the minds of hearers until their intellectual resistance is breached and they embrace it, and then can’t believe that it is in fact a falsehood ( -one successful {and permanently} perpetrated against them due to their unwillingness to believe that they have been conned {since only stupid people allow themselves to be conned}).

What no one is aware of is the existence of an opposite end of the spectrum of falsehood. They know about the Big Lie, and the normal lie, but they aren’t cognizant of the Little Lie, the seemingly innocuous lie. They’ve never heard of it. And in the memo-gate matter, hey didn’t see it coming, so they weren’t prepared to question it. So they believed it. After all, why would someone tell a little lie about a matter when it doesn’t seem to have any culpability attached to it? And so they were bamboozled but don’t have a clue that they have been tricked. That is a work of masterful manipulation, leaving them like a pick-pocket victim or scam victim who is unaware of having been victimized.

So what was Comey’s ingenious deception? It was the invention of the tale of there being a memo that he supposedly wrote after a private meeting with Trump, and his self-deprecating response to questions about why he didn’t take some form of appropriate action if he believed what he claimed he truly believed about what Trump really meant to convey (an order to drop the Flynn investigation). Everyone naturally assumes that when a person is being self-deprecating, even self-humiliating, they must be telling the truth about whatever they are speaking of, being in a kind of truth-mode, being honest to their own detriment. Comey said “I may be wrong…” nine times during his Senate testimony!

Who humiliates himself if he can lie and avoid it? No one, -except someone who is perpetrating the perfect little lie. That person will almost bend over backwards to seem humble, contrite, non-self-defensive, open, and honest. THAT is exactly the demeanor and presentation Comey conveyed in his Senate testimony. He sold his little lie convincingly by disarming everyone’s natural skepticism. They were defenseless against his self-deprecation. Everyone had the subconscious thought that “he must be telling the truth because no one humiliates himself unless he’s being honestly confessional.”
But in fact, there was no memo, -he wrote no memo, -he never, ever wrote memos after conversations with anyone. He, like everyone else, simply relied on his memory.

Well, why pretend that there was a memo, and why leak what it supposedly said? Answer: for the effect that it would produce, and did in fact produce, namely the appointment of a special investigator. -something Comey claimed as his motive. Now, to look at the situation from a three-dimensional perspective we need to realize that he could not have his co-conspirator “release” a juicy presidential conversation tidbit unless he first prepared a plausible little lie about how he “wrote” the invented note/memo, along with a plausible explanation for why he did so, -one that is not in fact all that plausible.

The credibility of the memo invention is due to multiple factors, beginning with the established credibility of Comey himself, and extending to the non-defamatory, possibly innocent nature of the Trump comment that Comey supposedly “recorded”. And as for recording, if, as Comey claimed, he suspected that Trump might lie about what he said in their meeting, then why would Comey not simply have his cellphone set to audio record mode?? Hearing a lie coming straight from Trump’s mouth would be ten times more credible than something that Comey might write down later, -so why not surreptitiously record their conversation? Who would know since no one would suspect such a thing, and they were alone?

BUT…. if you were a very, very disgruntled FIRED and HUMILIATED Director of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation and you wanted to exact some pain from the terrible chump who wrecked your comfortable and powerful career, but you have no dirt on the man, then you could get around that inadequacy if you managed to dig-up something (from out of nowhere), also creating a back-story of how your little recollection came to be recorded, -a recollection that seems innocuous but which could, and would, be interrupted in the worst possible light, -as Comey claimed he did. THE PRESIDENT EXERTING UNDUE, ILLEGITIMATE INFLUENCE TO OBSTRUCT AN FBI INVESTIGATION!!! (HEAVENS! LET’S OPEN AN IMPEACHMENT HEARING!)

The inevitable result of “sharing” what a little bird told Comey’s co-conspirator who called the media with the “interesting memo” was to toss some crap against the Trump wall, -hoping some would stick and stain him with the taint of a Nixon-like attempt at derailing a supposedly legitimate investigation. TRUMP IS NIXON!!! TRUMP HAS TO GO!!

Now here’s where things go 3-dimensional:
a. there may be a White House recording of their conversation.
b. Comey didn’t factor that possibility (probability) into his little story.
c. Trump claims that Comey’s recollection of the “hope” comment (that the Flynn investigation would cease) was not something that he said, -painting Comey as a liar (which he proved himself by claiming he was inspired to release his little note because of a tweet by Trump, when in fact the tweet came after the release)
d. Trump might be lying, but as he said, even if he had said that, it would have been a perfectly fine thing to say.
e. Comey may be honest about Trump having made that “hope” comment, but did NOT assume it to be an order of any sort, and did NOT write it down immediately, or later, but remembered it.

f. Comey could not have consulted his memo in order to release it because it would have been recorded, (if he actually wrote such notes to himself) on a notebook or laptop computer in his car, yet since all of his government/ office equipment was confiscated (or his office was locked) at the time of the release of the notice to the FBI of his termination, how could Comey “consult” his digital device since he did not have possession of it? One has to assume that no one in an executive position has the time to hand-write notes since that takes about five times as much time to do as is required with typing. And then you are left with the issue of having an unsecured, unencrypted paper record.
g. no written memo have been produced, nor will ever be produced because one never existed.
h. if a digital record was actually recorded then the Trump White House knows what it says (or that it does not exist).
i. Comey can’t be accused of having “released” a defamatory note because it was not defamatory, and it’s supposedly nefarious intent was admittedly construed solely in the mind of Comey, and not in the Trump words that Comey invented.

j. Comey is insulated by the smallness and innocuous nature of the comment, which make it all the more credible. Who lies about inconsequential things? (-only someone who turns around and miraculously finds culpability where none can be seen except in one’s own imagination.)
k. all of the talk about the criminality of the release of a private presidential conversation from a written recollection that was property of the government is pure mirage imagining. If there was no memo, then all of that talk is moot, and Comey is innocent of any crime. Lying to the media isn’t a crime. (It’s what has become their bread & butter.)
l. while Comey is generally too honest for his own good when it comes to public testifying, he is perfectly fine with telling a well-deserved fib in order to obtain some otherwise unobtainable justice for his unceremonious and humiliating dismissal.
m. Comey hopes that the special council/ investigator, his friend and fellow former FBI Director Mueller will find some pretext to indict someone that Trump cares about, thus inflicting pain and indirect punishment on the dastardly bastard who fired him.

In matters of affairs of state, politics, and public human opposition, Occam’s Razor is not the pattern to rely on to determine what is actually true. Rather, the negative impulses of human nature and inventiveness are most likely at play, with deceit being the first and foremost.

And speaking of deceit, can someone please point me toward the proof that a meeting took place between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in Phoenix? EVERYONE assumes that the story of the meeting is legit, but if your life depended on proving it, you would be dead. No internet trail leads to anything of proof. I know, because I tried to prove or disprove that it was true, and everything leads to dead ends.
That, like the story of the memo, (not to mention Fast & Furious, Obamacare, and numerous other deceits) leads me to look in the direction opposite from the one that everyone else is looking toward, and that is that what is not provable, and which benefits a lying Alinsky-disciple, might be another perfect lie that everyone will believe because it is self-humiliating. HOW DARE CLINTON CORAL LYNCH ON BEHALF OF HIS CRIMINAL WIFE?!! HOW DARE LYNCH MEET WITH HIM WHEN THAT WAS TOTALLY OUT OF BOUNDS?!!
Gee, it seems her “mistake” called for her to “step aside” from the Clinton e-mail server investigation and leave “the final decision” to other “professionals”, -thereby excusing herself, and the President, from any influence on the decision to let the Democrat candidate, and “next President” totally escape the rule of law and justice. hmmmm…. how convenient, -especially considering the law about freedom of information and how it could be used to request all communications between the White House and the Attorney General regarding the matter of the decision about how to proceed with the Clinton crimes investigation. THE MEETING DID NOT HAPPEN! ANOTHER INGENIOUS LUCIFERIAN DECEPTION.

“Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch said Friday that she would accept recommendations from career prosecutors and FBI agents leading the probe into the use of a private email server by Hillary Clinton during her time as secretary of state. … — she seemed to confirm that she would not veto whatever was proposed to her by those investigating the case.
Lynch said officials would develop a chronology of what happened and provide recommendations on what to do, including “the final determination as to how to proceed.”
“I will be accepting their recommendations,” she said.
Of course she would…that was the plan all along, directing the rightful venom over her decision at Comey instead, -leaving her and Obama with clean hands. But in fact, the whole scenario was fake. Just like Comey’s memo.
Lesson never to be forgotten: Question everything, believe nothing that comes from King Government, -the deep state, the political parties, the partisan bureaucrats, or the mostly Marxist media.

by Adrien Nash June 10, 2017


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“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.
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