How Trump can win the women’s vote

How Trump can win the women’s vote

The entire story of human culture can pretty much be summed up in one idea: we long for the love of a powerful man. Every human being is born with the biological capacity to identify his or her mother. Babies know their mothers by smell and sound and, after a few days, by touch and sight, too. But babies have no way of knowing who their father is, and for most of human history, most fathers had no real way to know which baby was their own. This psychic gap explains and drives almost all of human culture.

You can disagree with me on this point, and feel free to do so, but everything I have to say from this point forward is predicated on that simple idea. Virtually all human achievement from art to music, from mathematics to architecture, from medicine to religion, is an expression of our profound longing to know and love the man who is the counterpart to our powerful mother. And we want him to love us back. We strive to be worthy of that love. To meet his expectations. To never disappoint. The love of our mothers, especially during our very early years, feels unconditional. We don’t have to do anything to earn her milk, her care, her nurturing, her love. Just exist. But our father’s love we must earn.

Can you see where I am going with this?

Mother Hillary represents unconditional love and acceptance. Father Trump represents love and acceptance that must be earned, and can anyone be surprised that women want unconditional love with no obligations and men want the opportunity to strive and earn?



This map, making the rounds on social media, has inspired the hashtag #RepealThe19th, but regular readers of this blog will know I was ahead of the curve, arguing #WhyWomenShouldNotVote for some time now. I’m not even going to address the bitter whining and moaning and accusations of misogyny the idea of repealing women’s suffrage is generating, other than to note that 17 year olds can’t vote, either, and it’s not because we hate them.

WATCH THIS VIDEO!!  No one has ever said the things that she says, things on which the future of the free world depends.  WHY WOMEN SHOULD NOT VOTE (they vote as dependent parasites, not contributing anything near an equal share of blood and treasure)


The recent ‘grab her by the pussy’ locker room talk from Trump has the pearl-clutchers out in droves, collapsing on fainting couches from one end of the nation to the other, but I think Trump should just ignore all that. It’s bloody nonsense. The entire HBO series Sex in the City is premised on the nasty shit women say when they are out of the company of men. The Sex in the City gals are precisely the kinds of materialistic whores who would have flung panties and pussies at Trump, given the chance.

Trump should never have apologized, even half-heartedly. I hope someone in his campaign office reads Vox Day’s SJWs Always Lie, and makes sure Trump never apologizes again. It will always backfire.

So what does Trump need to do to capture some of the women’s vote that he so vitally needs?

He needs to respond to women, especially millennial women, as a man. A man in the sense that Jack Donovan means a man. Strength, courage, honor, mastery. While all humans long for the love of a father, Trump doesn’t need to convince men he will offer them the opportunity to earn his love and respect. They see that, and are prepared to take whatever opportunity is offered. That deal is done.

It’s a little trickier with women. Women also want the love of their father, but they also don’t want to earn it. They want that love to come with no strings, which they know isn’t possible, so they would like those strings loosened. Trump can signal to women (and men) that he is willing to do that by evoking the mores of traditional marriage, which has always been women’s preferred vehicle of confinement with minimal obligations. Yes, really. Before contraception, child-bearing was pretty much mandatory, and life-long matrimony was women’s best bet for survival, for both herself and her children, yet also offered the most opportunity to fuck around and cuckold her husband into raising her lover’s child. Sorry, but it’s true. A marriage that can’t be easily dissolved is of more benefit to women than it is to men.

How does Trump evoke that without inviting the furious harpies to descend on him with even more accusations of misogyny and sexism? He just uses the words associated with the traditional nuclear family, in any context. It doesn’t matter what the context is. Women will hear the words and slot them into the fictional world inside their head, which they mistake for reality. It’s called cognitive dissonance, and it’s not a radical concept, believe me. It’s quite well established. Men enjoy cognitive dissonance, too, but it’s more dangerous for them, so they tend not to indulge too frequently, unless they live in the city, of course.

Everyone gets to forget their entire civilization depends on the work of a select group of highly motivated, skilled, strong and reliable men when they live in cities. Rural folks, not so much. Which is why you see this:



So what are the words associated with the traditional family? And let me clarify, they have to be associated with the father’s role in the traditional family. Love, nuture, care – these are allied, but they are feminine, associated with the mother, and thus not effective. If I’ve missed some big ones, drop them in the comments section and I will update the list:

















It doesn’t matter what context these words are uttered in, only that they evoke the image of a powerful man, and trigger our longing for that man to love us. I would also try to work in ‘the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world’, not because it’s true, but because it allows women to assuage their fear of powerful men and what might happen to women if they misbehave, with a sense of their own power. It is empowering to women’s irrational brains.

As you can see, Trump already uses many of these words. He needs to ramp it up. Screechy feminist shrews will never support him, no matter what he does, so who cares what they think? A whole whack of them are going to vote for Trump, because he makes them ache for a powerful man too, and in the privacy of the voting booth, they will give in to him. They will metaphorically let him grab their pussies. Watch. We’re gonna have a Nixon redux: How can Nixon have won? I don’t know anybody who voted for him.

Millennial women in particular need to hear the words associated with the power of the father in a traditional family: they are the most likely to have never known their fathers and to have been shielded from the benevolent, and enormously erotic power of men, wielded for good. Can male power be a force of malevolence and evil. Of course! It’s called Islam. Western male power has built the world we live in, offered the most opportunity to the least deserving, sheltered the weak, and provided for all under the aegis of equality and liberty.

Women want to throw that away.

We cannot allow that to happen. Trump has to win. He can do that if he reminds women voters of the love they so desperately, urgently crave: the love of a powerful man.

Donald Trump is that man.

All we have to do is let love trump all.

Lots of love,



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