The Big Picture re: Trump and the Presidency

from Facebook group Ted Cruz 2016 the People’s Choice

Bill Sullivan

GLENN SHOWING MUCH CLASS…. And he is right. But once again Satan may be way ahead. He is revving up the hatred against principled conservatives and most of that hatred and slander is because they believe people are just upset about Ted Cruz.. That is not the case for most of us. It is that we love the country more than a would-be dictator, who said he did not want our vote. They have gone about trying to destroy anyone that stands up for Conscience and the Constitution.
LISTEN: I will warn people and I hope that Trump loses. I hope Hillary loses too. But whatever happens with Hillary. if Trump wins and:

1. Supports planned parenthood
2. If he contiinues to support Bernie / trade
3. If he continues to support transgenderism
4. Continues as he said to use many executive orders
5. Continues to believe some things are beyond the constitution
6. Changes Obamacare to Trump care
7. grants Amnesty..
8. works against of Godly conservatism
9. Supports SCOTUS against Christians..
10. attacks what Pamela Gellar did with the “Draw Mohammad competition”.
11. supports more deficit spending that Hillary
12. and more taxes with hoover-style tariffs.
Then WHO WILL BE LEFT to say Republicans are wrong?
Democrats support most of that too. And then Republicans will no longer be able to ARGUE against what they will have set up themselves.
They will not even be able to argue that we MUST elect a man of Character.
They, with the leadership of Trump, will have done to us ALL that which the democrats and the elites ON BOTH SIDES ALWAYS WANTED TO DO.
We are responsible for what we do to the country from this side of the isle and If I stand alone, I will say TRUMP MUST BE DEFEATED for the sake of the country. For how shall we recover having NO major party standing for what is right?

And before you ask, at least if Hillary wins, she stirs up conservatism. Trump co-ops part and seeks to purge the rest, CORRUPTING or destroying any real movement against progressivism in the Republican party.

What is most shocking is the willingness of so many to buy into what he is selling no matter what he says or does. No thought, no assessment. Their souls are now part of Trump. And like a battered wife, I think we have to wait until they are hurt much more.

-Or if he gets into power, they will try to hurt us. So be prepared for ether outcome. But at least we will be able to live with our conscience intact, -ready to reset the country at some future point.

Dru Stefan Stone, Sean Hannity condemns himself as he condemns and vilifies those of us who will not kiss his orange god of Zod. I feel not one wit of camaraderie nor do I feel he has some of the same principles of allowing for differences of thought, -so when you talk about rebuilding, I want to know what that means before I agree with this.

I listened to Glenn this morning and I didn’t agree with him then, and I don’t even after some thought. There are Liberals who can listen and enter into dialogue without condemning the one who expresses a different opinion. Hannity hasn’t been able to. This is NOT a Conservative at the heart, so my question remains. Rebuild what?

Bill Sullivan; Well, Listen; maybe you will agree with this:
Scripture says that in a GREAT HOUSE (organization) there are many vessels (members, associates, etc.) all the way from the most honorable to the dishonorable. And that is the way the HOUSE of God is.. No other organization where people are free with be any different EVER…

Democrats know this and piece together whomever to get what they want… THERE ARE people who are more like us than not and who will join us when they have no other alternative.. we should not wait for all to become perfect or near perfect..

We should recognize what SCRIPTURE says and use it.. it is harder to use it when you drum up hatred.. Now beck ASSUMES these people will likely fail.. maybe over time they will be ashamed of themselves.. I can assure you very many will say: “I NEVER WAS FOR HIM.. but I felt I had not choice to stop Hillary.”

Let us make it easy for them… Butts in the seats matter. But we will then be in change, they seeing that they cannot win dissing us.. But let us not be like them.

Paul Lester
Bill Sullivan; Who is the father of lies? [Lucifer] Both Trump and Clinton and all their media enablers including Hannity are liars. Both will continue our country’s journey into the twilight zone.

Trump, his media enablers, and public figure supporters have made the GOP even more a branch of the democrat party than it already was.

What is more destructive to Christianity? An Athiest or a fake Christian in the likes of “Elmer Gantry”?
Likewise, what is more destructive to Conservatives and therefore our country? A lying liberal democrat or a lying liberal democrat pretending to be a republican?
At least the democrats wear different clothing.
Trump is a cowardly draft dodger yet wants to draft women into the military,
-a homosexual supporter, -a planned parenthood praiser, a transgender enabler, an eminent domain king, a lover of self and big government and its subsidies, an anti-free trader (unless it benefits him), tax evader, autocrat, a lover of Putin and other dictators, an illegal alien hirer, a foreign factory work supporter, an employer of H2B foreign workers over citizens of our country, a funder and supporter of Clinton both before and after Benghazi, a lover of adultery, a liar, a corrupt businessman, a cheater of from widows, students, subcontractors, and anyone else he can con, a George Soros partner, a debtor to  Chinese banks and Goldman-Sachs, a pouting, pampered, spoiled, whining, cry baby who dares not release his tax returns nor an “off the record” NYT interview because they will further expose him for the fake he is and show us even more than he has that he doesn’t give a damn for America.

Bill Sullivan:
Sorry, I think in a great house there are vessels of all levels , and just because they disagree, or are even wrong, does not make them a permanent enemy… but if they become a permanent enemy, let it be them, and not you that is the cause of it.


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