Pope Francis: ‘It’s Not Right to Identify Islam With Violence’

“the current Pope is dangerously naive, ignorant, and stupid.”

Jul. 31, 2016 Dave Urbanski

Editor’s Note:  Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) — Pope Francis says he won’t describe Islam as “terrorist” since that’s “not fair and not true.”

Francis was asked Sunday why he never uses the word “Islam” when denouncing extremists’ killings like that of an elderly French priest during Mass in France last week.

He was speaking to reporters aboard the papal plane back to Rome after a five-day pilgrimage in southern Poland. While there he prayed privately in a church that God protect people from the “devastating wave” of terrorism in many parts of the world.

Francis said he thinks “it’s not right to identify Islam with violence.”

He added that every religion has its “little group of fundamentalists.” He said that if he speaks of violent Islam, he’d have to speak of violent Catholicism, since Catholics kill, too.

Mighty_Mouse- Jul. 31, 2016

A priest of Catholicism gets his throat slit in front of an entire congregation while the assailants were screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ – and he (The Pope) doesn’t identify Islam as breeding ground religion for terrorists…


A third of our Congress is Catholic. They are on the Left and Right and are the open border people. McConnel and Ryan are the biggest sellouts on the Right.

Worst Pope of my lifetime, raised as a communist sympathizer. He is too stupid to recognize the existential threat of Islam to every other religion.

He’s part of the New World Order. He’s just coming out of the closet even further.

As I said before and this only strengthens my belief….this man is not a man of God but a man of men.

“it’s not right to identify Islam with violence.” But it is right to identify violence with islam.

How does a man who just visited Auschwitz continue to excuse and apologize for Islamists? How could he fail to see the parallels? It’s incomprehensible, and terribly dangerous for Christianity.


He is a politically correct gutless moron. Yes there are “violent” Catholics. However, does Catholisism endorse or denounce that violence based upon orthodox doctrine? It denounces that violence. Islam, on the other hand, does not denounce it, but rather endorses it based upon teachings in the Quran and Hadith.
Imams all over the world from the Middle East to Europe to the USA teach these violent messages to their followers.

When was the last time Catholics flew planes into buildings or publicly executed Christians by cutting off their heads or burning them alive?
When have Catholics tossed homosexuals off buildings or gang raped women in countries across Europe?
Any Catholic stonings lately?
Yes this pope is horrendous and says wicked things. He is no man of God and someday he will answer for not identifying and standing against Satanic things.

This Dope should read this information about Mo and Jihad: In Islam’s Own Writings: Muhammad’s Massacres and Sex-slaves: http://www.islam-watch.org/Larry/Muhammad-Massacres-and-Sex-slaves.htm

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam and the apostle of Allah, had ordered at least 60 raids and wars often involving massacres and personally participated in 27 of them.
The exemplary example and the perfection of humanity and the prototype of the most wonderful human conduct that he was—Muhammad massacred… beheaded… tortured ….terrorized …raped …and looted in the name of God.


Especially since muslims helped Hitler and he admired them. That and the fact that Islam was founded by a rapist and a murderer who is considered the perfect example of a muslim according to Islamic law.
No muslim who endorses the koran or the hadith can ever be an ally to a non-believer and be said to be following Islamic doctrine.
This explains why Islam has a history of violence that surpasses all other religions and ideologies in the last several thousand years.

Translation = “It’s not right to speak truth.”

If your religion explicitly calls for violence against non-practicing people, it is speaking Truth to identify that religion with violence.
Any religion where it’s followers are commanded to kill nonbelievers should be associated with violence without question. It is deceptive to try to manipulate that truth any other way.

Take a look around the world. The truth has a way of speaking for itself. Reality has a way of making wishful thinking look foolish.


Sorry, Papa Jorge, but I don’t remember the part where a Catholic mowed down a bunch of revelers on the French national holiday with a semi truck in the name of Christ.

I don’t remember the part where a Catholic couple waltzed into a Ramadan party and killed a bunch of Muslim social workers in the name of Christ.

I don’t remember the part where a Catholic millionaire went rogue and masterminded the destruction of a major world city’s skyline in the name of Christ.

I don’t remember the part where a Catholic woman drove her Catholic husband and his arsenal to a night club and killed 50 people in the name of Christ.

I don’t remember the part where two Catholic men put a bomb on a Pan Am jet and killed 270 people in the name of Christ.

I don’t remember the part where the Catholics declared a Papal State in the Middle East, where they raped, pillaged, and plundered the entire countryside, burned infidels alive in cages, rounded up children and cut their heads off, turned village girls into sex slaves, and engaged in a reign of terror.

I don’t remember any of it, Papa Jorge, because none of it ever happened. It never happened because the Church lives by Holy Scripture and the sacred Tradition handed down by the early Church Fathers, none of which remotely justifies terror and indiscriminate murder as a political philosophy.
-But the Muslims live by the Qu’ran and the Hadith, which absolutely do justify everything stated above. If you want, I’ll cite them.


I cannot express in words how frustrated and infuriated I am by this Pope.

Of course, there are Muslims in the world who are just as horrified by what is happening as we are, -this is evident in the hundreds of Muslims standing in solidarity and attending Masses in France this week in sorrow for the slain priest.

HOWEVER……sane, well-educated people also understand that Islam ——- as conceived by Mohammed ——- IS a cult of world domination through any means necessary!!! The faith itself demands submission and conversion …or death!
Pope Francis cannot make that untrue …no matter how he tries to phrase it.


I was raised Roman Catholic. Went to Catholic schools all my life. This Pope I will not follow. This I knew well before this! He is a Socialist 100%!

Someone should ask the Pope if it is OK to beat your wife. I will go out on a limb and assume that he will say ‘No’. Yet the Koran provides this teaching as Islamic doctrine.


Actually, as I understand it, Benedict retired because he was under a death threat for what he had said about Islam. The Mullahs told Francis that he would be safe as long as he stated publicly, that Islam is a peaceful religion. He’s just doing what he has to. of course he is pope # 113. The prophecies state he’s the pope that will destroy the church. It’s evident that he’s well one the way.


He someday will pass on and we will have a new Pope. Hopefully that day will come soon, as this one has not read the Koran.

Sura 8:12: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

Their self-described pedophile prophet teaches his followers to be terrorists.
It is time we bring up Islam on RICO charges. They, when a majority, demand protection money (tax, or jizya) to be left alone, just like the Mafia. Both groups want a cut of the money in return for not being beaten/killed. If that isn’t RICO, I don’t know what is.

Either he is the Dope, or he knows the truth about Islam being a religion of war created by the Warlord and Slaver Trader Mo and is afraid to offend muslims. The Left is just too cowardly to tell the truth about Islam being the most violent and misogynistic religion in the world today.


Amen, RobAZ. This guy is turning out to be nothing more than a progressive social justice shill.

It is great to want all people to succeed and not want for anything, but it is pure naivete to think that you can confiscate from one man in order to give to another and have that result in prosperity. This pope should study history as much as he apparently preaches political / social theory.

Much like his naivete on social progressivism, this pope also seems willing to turn a blind eye to the threat posed to the entire world by Islam. Again, it is as if he has not studied the Koran and the Hadith (and studied the actions by practically every Islamic empire)–hint: they do not advocate tolerance and respect for others. Oh, and ignoring the threat from Islam only empowers it–it does not weaken it.

All the Pope has to do is read the Koran and the Hadiths to know that Islam/Shariah Law is violent.

He is the last pope, the False Prophet. A blasphemer.

I’m also sick of this lie that Christians are just as Violent as Islam. It’s not true. This pope is genuinely spreading a false testimony.

This is a recipe for a perfect storm. We have the worst possible people in positions of leadership and influence all over the world all at the same time. And at the worst possible time, when radical islam is on the march. Not going to end well.

desert buckeye
Will this pope please point to the Christian state government that enforces the ten commandments at the point of a knife and will not allow any other religious practices anywhere in the world? I was raised Roman Catholic. This pope is a symptom of why I no longer practice catholicism.

The Pope is a flawed and weakminded fool. He is the poorest excuse for a Pope I have ever experienced in my lifetime. The wrong man at the wrong time. Seems to be a contagious problem with the world, almost a perfect storm. We have the weakest, the most feckless individuals leading our nations at a time when we need strong, assertive leadership.
The Pope, Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande and the UN head and leaders of Belgium. Our military leaders do not assert nor speak out against perverted policies intended to reduce morale and subvert our military forces at all levels and in all branches.
How can truth and sanity prevail when most of the West’s leaders are drinking the satanic Kool-Aid?


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