Orlando was apparently a false flag event

by Robert David Steele

[note: these anomalies raise many more questions that won’t be answered]

Bottom Line up front:

Orlando was a false flag planned months in advance by the Obama Administration, and in my judgment, specifically by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)[1] within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with the full complicity in advance and to date of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Among the key anomalies or indicators are these:

01 Omar Mateen did not expect to die – he was booked to fly on the 14th.

02 Mateen has been groomed since 2011, probably by the Mossad pretending to be CIA, and including two upper-end trips to Saudi Arabia and beyond.

03 The responding police were ordered not to go after him inside the club.

04 The club has not been licensed since 2013, has eleven parking places, and no abandoned cars were found for any of the alleged dead or wounded.

05 All medical matters are ludicrous, undocumented, -an impossibility.

06 All witnesses appear to be scripted, less the laughing-winking cop.

07 Three quickly released musical number were probably developed in advance of the day.

08 The event started at 2: AM closing time; 7 of the 8 exits were not used.

09 All audio-visual evidence has been eradicated – nothing from the CCTVs in the club (over eight of them), nothing from individual cell phones, nothing from Mateen’s unscripted calls to his handler during the 3 hour stand-down, nothing from police scanner traffic during the entire period.

10 The FBI is known to have manufactured 175 domestic “terrorist” cases.

The term “false flag” means nothing more or less than “not what it seems.” The term originated in maritime warfare centuries ago, when a predator would fly the flag of its prey in order to get close enough to execute a surprise attack…hence the concept of flying a “false flag.”[130]

The history of false flag operations by the CIA, created in 1947, can be said to begin in the Philippines in the 1950’s when two big things happened: Ed Lansdale played a key role in extracting information that led to the recovery of trillions of dollars of gold and gems and cultural artifacts buried in massive bunkers by the Japanese once they could no longer rely on shipping paths home from there; and Ed Lansdale learned that he could create fake guerrilla groups that could be killed with impunity by collaborating military forces, in order to create a false flag event that would propel a chosen compliant military officer into the presidency.

The CIA captured the Philippines and an off-the-books gold slush fund that started as the Black Lily Trust in the 1950’s, and morphed into the Black Eagle Trust activated in 1998 and closed by 9/11, and the CIA – the darkest, dirtiest part of the CIA – created the first modern false flag playbook in the style of Adolph Hitler. (The Reichstag Fire was Hitler’s best false flag moment – his supporters burned down the Reichstag and then he used it to justify his becoming the dictator of Germany).[131]

Fascism did not die with the allied victory over Germany. Allen Dulles, one of the five Wall Street proponents for the CIA, personally and against presidential intent and the public interest, saw to the rescue of thousands of Nazi political leaders as well as scientists resettled into the USA much as the Obama Administration easily resettled tens of thousands in not hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants today. Allen Dulles also helped rescue their personal treasure chests, while using the Gold Lily fund to resurrect fascist political leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan.[132]

When the Cold War ended, a Gold War began, the final phases of a US-based fascist war against Russia. 9/11 was the culminating event in that Gold War, allowing for both the covert importation into legitimate accounts of $240 billion in illicit treasure; and for the destruction of all records and personalities associated with a massive Gold Collateral Accounts debt to China and Indonesia among others.[133]

I am certain that CIA (George Tenet and Buzzy Krongard particularly) was a principal servant actor to Dick Cheney in the 9/11 event,[134] and equally sure that CIA has had little to do with the many domestic false flag events since then.

It has been clearly established that Omar Mateen did not expect to die on the 12th of June. Whether he was gay, a homophobe, a drunk, and a wife-beater are irrelevant. He did not expect to die.

It has been clearly established that one shooter could not possibly kill 49 and wound 53. In combination the video of 24 shots in 9 seconds, the documentation of semi-automatic fires being 1-3 shots a second, and witnesses testifying to between two and five attackers, all certify the government narrative of one shooter to be false.

I conclude this was without question a false flag event.

Without knowing if people really died, we cannot make a final call on whether a theatrical false flag was hijacked by the Mossad or neo-fascists – on balance this appears to be a theatrical false flag very badly executed.

48 Mateen did not expect to die during this attack?

“Speaking of the suspect killed in the Pulse Bar massacre in Florida, Howell stated, ‘Omar was not supposed to be killed. They lied to us – Omar and Brandy were supposed to get away.’”[96]
“Questions remain as to why Omar Mateen purchased tickets for his family to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area on a flight two days after he went on a deadly rampage in a gay Orlando nightclub. Federal officials confirmed to NBC News Tuesday that Mateen purchased three tickets — for himself, his wife, Noor Zahi Salman and their son — to visit his mother-in-law, who lives in the Bay Area suburb of Rodeo, California on June 14.”[97]
Pulse Club as a Stage Set?

49 Pulse Club license expired in 2013?

“A ‘shell game’ of registration. Pulse was registered with State of Florida in 2003 not as Pulse, but as 1912 Orange Avenue LLC. The registration had expired in 2013. The owners are Barbara and Rosario Poma. But the principal place of business of the entity called “1912 Orange Avenue LLC” is 5728 Major Blvd., Suite 550, Orlando, FL, which is miles away from Pulse night club at 1912 Orange Ave., Orlando. The mailing address of the business entity called “1912 Orange Avenue LLC” is in Raleigh, North Carolina — an office suite at 3110 Edwards Mill Rd., which is also the same address as Pulse’s manager, Rosario Poma.”[98]

50 Pulse Club has only eleven parking spaces?

“Size & Parking The city of Orlando is in Florida’s Orange County. The Orange County property appraiser has Pulse’s gross indoor area as 4,853 sq. ft., which, with 320 patrons inside, comes to 16.17 sq. ft. per person. How can a building the size of a residential home accommodate 320 people, with only 11 parking spaces?”[99]

51 Floor plan with eight working exits – no one uses seven of them?

52 During Omar’s many calls, no one tried to rush him or escape?

This is somewhat comprehensible if he indeed did go to the bathroom within minutes with a handful of people, but in no way does the larger narrative explain how so many people were killed and wounded in the few minutes between his entering the club and retreating to the bathroom.

53 Over eight CCTV’s common to nightclubs – no substance released?

“One report stated that the CCTV cameras were under maintenance and thus non-functional. In fact all of the mainstream media reports have refrained from even mentioning the CCTV cameras.”[100]

54 49 killed and 53 wounded is far from 1:6 combat reality?

Vietnam War Ratio Death/Wounded 1:2.6
Persian Gulf War Ratio Death/Wounded 1:1.2
OEF (2001-Present) Ratio 1:4.5
OIF (2003-Present) Ratio 1:7.3[101]

55 Plans to demolish the club (destroy evidence) already in motion?

“Now that the FBI has finished collecting evidence and cataloging damage at the Pulse nightclub, the cleanup is expected to begin. As building owners and community members last week discussed rebuilding the club, biohazard experts say they need to understand the road that lies ahead for the 1957 building, which was once known as the home of Lorenzo’s Italian Restaurant.”[102]
“On Tuesday, biohazard companies were informed that the job went to a group from Texas and will be funded by the federal government because a state of emergency was declared.”[103]

“Absolute Crime & Trauma Bio-Clean services the entire state of Florida with crime scene clean up services. Our services include but are not limited to the clean-up of blood, death scenes, homicides, suicides, unattended deaths/decompositions, hoarder houses, trash houses, MRSA, staph, and any other opim [sic] that is or could be present. We specialize in death and malodor smell removal from any indoor poor air quality scenario.”[104]

Absent compelling evidence to the contrary, there is no major bio-hazard and the contract with a company in Texas is a cover contract, deliberately funded by the USG as part of the false flag theatrics. [note that a significant percentage of the gay patrons would have been infected with the HI virus, -making their blood a bio-hazard.]
56 Target club 120 miles away from Mateen’s home and work?

“He was a resident of Port St. Lucie, Florida, which is about 130 miles south of Orlando in St. Lucie County. … Police said he drove to Orlando to carry out the attack, but it is not yet known why he targeted the club and city.”[105]

I. Medical Characteristics of Alleged or Real Victims?

57 Alleged “difficulty” identifying the dead, all of whom carry ID?

References appear to have been wiped clean online. This is the stupidest element of the official narrative – every person in an establishment serving alcohol has a personal identification card on them, and virtually every one of them also has a registered cell phone.

58 No photos of dead, blood pools, real wounds, anywhere?

“Corporate news tout [sic] mass shooting events with increasingly gory details alongside no real visual documentation of carnage.”[106]
“Taking a closer look at the mass shooting false flag in Orlando, Florida, however, we’ll observe that in this event (as I’ve already written about) we saw medical impossibilities, miracles and massive protocol and ethics violations on full display in broad daylight with few saying a word. I’ll provide emphasis on the word ‘zero’ to make my point more clearly.

From police officers playing the role of emergency medical services and paramedics,
-to another big shooting scene with zero ambulances clearly seen anywhere saving lives,
-to the miracle of police being given the power to pronounce people dead,
-to zero accounts of people who almost died but then were saved during surgery,
-to zero accounts of people who were thought to survive and then crashed later on,
-to zero cases of stories from the front-line nurses, doctors and paramedics telling us of specific challenges with those who sustained gunshot wounds.”[107]

59 Alleged stacked gurneys have no blood and no blood trails.

60 Video of alleged wounded includes wounded doing high fives.

RT screens individuals carrying alleged victim toward the Pulse, no ambulances or police visible, and at the end of the tape, when they are off camera, the “victim” stands on his own and they all exchange high fives.[108]

61 No evidence of real ambulance mobilization or use.

There are no photos of ambulances to be seen.

62 Alleged doctors did not exist prior to the event.

“We are ‘world renown doctors’ yet we have no YouTube videos, talks, or reviews? We don’t exist until ‘Orlando Massacre’! And we all had previous private practices too!? With 0 reviews!?”[109]

63 No abandoned cars on streets after alleged dead and wounded?

One person commented on this but the original post has been lost sight of. In theory there should have been at least fifty cars (assuming couples coming together) that would have required towing in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting. There were none.[110]

Robert David Steele

Robert Steele: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?


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