Ted Cruz from the perspective of a Holocaust Survivor

Deborah Myers

I’d like to tell you a true story. You see, I shouldn’t be alive today. But I am.

My grandma was born in Berlin, Germany, the daughter of an anti-Nazi Parliament Member and a Jewish university professor.

But in 1933, their lives changed forever. The family fled from Berlin and hid on a farm for twelve years. Grandma survived bombings, interrogations by the Gestapo, and special tests in school designed to catch non-“Aryan” students. All her Jewish relatives in Poland were killed.

Yet, by God’s grace, Grandma and her parents lived through the Holocaust.

After the war, Grandma married my grandpa, a U.S. Army Major, and moved to the States. She was glad to be in a free country, but soon she realized America was on the brink of communism.

Now, Grandma was an atheist. She had just survived the Nazis in Germany. She had no desire for her children to suffer the same atrocities under communism. She fell into great depression.

In the end, Grandma decided to commit suicide and kill her entire family. But, thankfully, God intervened. Three days later, Grandma accepted Christ and her life was transformed.

And that’s why I’m alive—because of God’s grace and the redeeming power of Jesus Christ!

A few years ago, my sister, Anna, and I lived on the South Texas border. Crime and corruption were the norm. We got involved with the local Tea Party group. But no one paid attention.

One December, we received an email. The father of a U.S. Senate candidate was going to speak to our tiny Tea Party group. We were amazed. No one did that!

Anna and I were out of town, but we read the reports with great interest. The candidate’s father told the group how he fled Cuba as a young man and came to America. He fell into alcoholism and left his wife. Then he found Christ. His life was transformed and he returned to his family.

Now his son was running for Senate. He was a dedicated Christian and Constitutionalist. He was fighting hard to restore our God-given rights.

Anna and I connected immediately. This was our story, too!

Soon the candidate himself came to visit. Although we couldn’t attend that meeting either, we were thrilled. This candidate not only cared about our tiny group, he actually shared our values!

Now, the Republican establishment said our candidate didn’t have a prayer. But that’s what he did have—the prayers of thousands of old ladies, military veterans, and homeschooling families.

And in the end, he won!

Ted Cruz became the first solidly conservative, Christian Senator from Texas in years. No other Senator had defended the Ten Commandments at the Supreme Court—and won. Or the Pledge of Allegiance—and won. Or the cross on a veteran’s memorial—and won.

The media was furious! The attacks came thick and fast. But Ted Cruz stood firm. He never waffled on his values.

Two years ago, I worked on Gov. Brownback’s campaign. I met several Presidential candidates. Some were nice enough—but some absolutely shocked me! Publicly, they were warm and engaging. But in private, they were cold, arrogant, and could care less about the people.

But not so with Ted Cruz.

The first time I saw him was long before he was running for President. He spoke at an event with Sarah Palin and another Senator. Once the event finished, Palin split the scene. The other Senator stayed for a few minutes, then walked over to Cruz. “It’s time for us to go,” he interrupted.

But Ted kept visiting with people. The other Senator’s wife came back. “We’ll miss our plane,” she reminded. Ted smiled and nodded—then kindly turned to me and autographed my Bible.

A few minutes later, his staff person said they should go. “One moment,” Ted replied. “There are two more people I want to see.”

He walked to the back of the line—past the fancy suits and Sunday clothes—to a single black mother and her little boy. They took a picture. The woman’s eyes shone. Then, Ted walked over to an elderly veteran in the corner and signed his program.

Then he left. There were no cameras. No media. Only a few dozen people in a mostly empty room, completely astounded that Cruz would choose the ordinary over the “important.”

About a year ago, Cruz came to Wichita, and we took Grandma to see him. Politician after politician spoke. Everyone talked about restoring America, but only Ted Cruz mentioned God.

And Grandma noticed. Afterwards, she wanted to thank Cruz. But everyone was crowding him, and she didn’t want to interrupt.

Finally, Cruz himself came over to Grandma. She took his hand in her wrinkled fingers. “I survived the Holocaust in Nazi Germany,” she said. “I listened to everyone, and you were the only one who mentioned God. Promise me, if you run for President, you will never forget God!”

Ted was quite moved. To this day, he never gives a campaign speech without mentioning God.

Now, the media says it is just political calculation. But I think maybe there’s something more.

Maybe Ted Cruz made a promise to a Holocaust survivor that he plans to keep. Maybe he saw the transformation in his father’s life. Maybe he understands where our rights really came from!

You see, Cruz recognizes the true source of America’s greatness. God alone is the Giver of our life, our liberty, and our happiness. Without Him, America can never truly be great again!

The last time I saw Ted, hundreds of people lined up to greet him. My sister noticed his father whispering something in his ear. Ted walked away from the crowd to the side of the room. There on the edge, was an old, crippled lady in a wheelchair. Ted knelt down and spoke to her. When he left, the lady had tears in her eyes. She said softly: “No one has ever done that for me before!”

The people in line had no idea where Cruz had gone. I knew nothing of the old, crippled lady until my sister told me. But Ted Cruz cared about that woman—even if no one saw him.

Jesus said: “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much.”

Now, you’ve probably heard that Ted’s main goals include repealing every word of Obamacare and abolishing the IRS. He is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-states’ rights.

But I want to tell you what you won’t hear in the media. What Ted Cruz himself won’t tell you.

Ted is a candidate that cares about people—deeply. He cares about our country. He cares about our Constitution. He’s not a whiner. He’s not a dealmaker. He’s not a media clown. I know from personal experience that Ted Cruz will do the right thing even if no one is watching.

Recently, another candidate called Cruz a “soft weak little baby.” I’m sorry, but that is just vile.

We are one President—one Supreme Court Justice—away from losing America. How can we afford to engage in vicious attacks on conservatives? We need a President who can turn America around, and actually has a plan to do it!

Ted Cruz is that man. He knows what is at stake. He’s willing to risk everything—his life, career, and reputation to fight for us. No other candidate shares my values on every single issue.

It’s time for us to get back to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Almighty God.

It’s time for us to elect Ted Cruz as President.


CNN Ted Cruz Townhall video:

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