Why the Democrat Party Reigns Supreme and without self-criticism

March 01, 2016 Rush Limbaugh Transcript (excerpt)

“Hey, Rush, what I don’t understand is why none of this class frustration has manifested against the Democrats.  I mean, they’re the primary cause of all these problems.  Why do the unions never break with the Democrats?  Why do blacks never break with the Democrats?  Why is all this class anger manifesting against the Republican Party only?  Why haven’t the Democrats been accountable all these years?”

That’s an interesting question to me.  How come there isn’t any anger at the Democrat establishment like there is — well, for the people that are angry at the establishment, they’re angry at both.  To them, the Democrats and Republicans are no different.  So the fallout’s the same.  But I know what the guy’s getting at.  Why aren’t the Democrats having problems?  Why isn’t there a Donald Trump out there screwing things up for Hillary?  And there is. His name is Bernie Sanders.  But, see, folks, the Democrats learned a lesson.  When you’re gonna have an election, you don’t leave things up to voters.

“What did you say, Rush?”  I said exactly what I meant to say.  The Democrats have learned that when you’re going to have an election, you don’t leave things up to voters.  Bernie Sanders is a placeholder.  But try to answer the question seriously.  Why isn’t there a bunch of fallout, class anger at the Democrats?  Well, the Democrats already have succeeded in portraying themselves as for the little guy.  The Democrats in truth are 99% of the problem.  The Democrats are the ones that have created the vast majority of these messes.  They are responsible for the cultural rot.  But the Republicans get blamed ’cause they’re not doing anything to stop them.

No matter what angle you want to come at it from, there is a logical answer to it.  As far as the Democrats are concerned, their voters think they’re great.  They’re Santa Claus, they’re socialists, they’re advancing the liberal cause.  Everything’s fine and dandy.  The Republican Party doesn’t stand for anything.  Conservatives have no home.  The Republican Party is not a home for conservatism anymore.  The Democrat Party is the home of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, whatever you want to call it.  But the Republican Party is just taking up space.  All of this is understandable to me.

Then you add Trump.  See, people assume, incorrectly, that most of Trump’s supporters are angry conservatives.  And the reason for that is that Trump’s running against government, it sounds like.  And he’s running on the Republican ticket, so for people who are only marginally understanding of conservatism versus liberalism, Trump would be looked at and seen as conservative.  But Trump’s support base covers every demographic you can think of.  He’s got support from all ages, and he’s winning.

You look at the exit polls and entrance polls of all these elections, he’s winning every group.  He’s winning every age-group. He’s winning religions — well, he’s getting his share of religious voters, evangelicals, as you know.  Men, women, middle-age, old age, young age, doesn’t matter.  But his coalition — I’m blue in the face on this — is exactly what the Republican Party’s always said they want to be.  That’s exactly what has happened here with Trump’s base.

So to the extent that conservatives have joined Trump, it’s because they don’t think the GOP is a home.  The GOP’s not interested in them.  The GOP makes fun of them.  The Democrats don’t make fun of their voters.  The Democrats make fun of Republican voters.  The Democrats make fun of the rich.  The Democrats make fun of the upper class.  Publicly, anyway.  The Democrats are the biggest offenders of all of these problems, but they have succeeded in convincing people they stand for the little guy.

Now, let me get started with some of this stuff.  This is Angelo Codevilla who wrote the original piece in the American Spectator on the ruling class that we highlighted here ’cause it was tremendous.  He had a piece at The Federalist yesterday.  Here are some excerpts.

“America is now ruled by a uniformly educated class of persons that occupies the commanding heights of bureaucracy, of the judiciary, education, the media, and of large corporations, and that wields political power through the Democratic Party.”

continued… at Rush Limbaugh:

Codevilla and Murray on Trumpism


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