Obama’s Manifold Horrible Policies Opposed by the Public

Here’s what Obama has in common with Charlie Sheen

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®.


I feel bad for Charlie Sheen. Despite his reckless behavior, I wouldn’t wish bad health or a deadly disease on anyone. But it is interesting to remember that not too long ago Charlie Sheen’s catchphrase was “winning!” That didn’t turn out so well, did it?

What appeared to be “winning” was actually losing. When you’re in a mental haze, either due to mentally illness or because your mind is shrouded by the fog of drugs and alcohol, things aren’t what they appear to be.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and leading Democrats like Bernie Sanders are doing and saying. In many ways, they are on the same reckless path as Charlie Sheen.

Many conservatives have compared liberalism to mental illness. Just like Charlie Sheen, Obama and his socialist cabal actually think they are winning. But they are suffering from delusion. They may be headed for a similar rude awakening to Charlie Sheen’s.

Hillary’s husband Bill was elected twice by hiding his true liberal views and trying to appear like a moderate Southern Democrat. Obama was elected twice by hiding his true ultra-liberal views and trying to appear as a moderate and “a uniter, not divider.” Today, those lessons are lost or forgotten.

Today, virtually every position taken by Obama and Hillary is in direct opposition to the wishes of the majority of American people. That’s not my opinion. Just look at the polls on each issue. The views and policies spewed and supported by Obama and Hillary are getting more and more extreme. America may be a center right nation, or perhaps at times dead center. But one thing it’s not is extreme radical left.

Yet Obama, Hillary and leading Democrats aren’t even attempting to hide or moderate their views anymore. They are out of the closet. It’s the “full monty.” There’s no hiding it anymore. They are loud, proud and extreme left. Democrats can’t even see “center” from their homes anymore.

Here are 15 key points and policies where Obama and Hillary and their socialist cabal think they are “winning” but are actually badly out of step with the America people:

  1. Obama’s refusal to halt or even pause the importation of Syrian/Muslim refugees after the Islamic State attack on Paris. Polls show American voters are overwhelmingly against Obama.
  2. Obama’s refusal to enforce “illegal” immigration laws and, even more extreme, his use of executive action to legalize millions without bothering to get the approval of Congress. Polls show American voters are solidly against Obama.
  3. Obama’s refusal to admit “terrorism” is tied to “radical Islam.” He won’t even say the two words in the same sentence. Polls show American voters are solidly against Obama.
  4. Obama’s refusal to come up with a consistent, well-thought out strategy to combat Islamic State. Polls show American voters are solidly against Obama.
  5. Obama’s refusal to admit Obamacare is a disaster that has killed jobs; damaged small business; stunted GDP growth; bankrupted state health insurance exchanges; and is bleeding middle-class Americans to death with dramatically higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays. No matter how much the media tries to cover up, they can’t hide the truth from voters because the truth is in our monthly healthcare bills. Polls show American voters are solidly against Obamacare.
  6. Obama’s refusal to drop his obsession with “climate change” and “global warming” even though polls show a large majority of Americans don’t rate it as important. 
  7. Obama’s refusal to reject the radical “Black Lives Matter” movement and his clear distaste and lack of respect for America’s law enforcement. Polls show American voters are solidly against Obama. 
  8. Obama’s refusal to come up with a realistic budget and any semblance of a plan to solve our current economic misery and malaise: ranging from only part-time jobs created, to the worst workforce participation rate in modern history, to terrible retail sales, to terrible manufacturing numbers, to the worst GDP numbers in the history of America (seven straight years under 3 percent GDP growth for the first time ever). Polls show American voters solidly disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy.
  9. Obama’s refusal to admit that the jobs and inflation numbers released by government are pure theater and fraud. The people know “the books are cooked.” Just like with Obamacare, the people know what they hear in the media is a total scam because they know there are no decent full-time jobs and everything they buy costs far more than seven years ago.
  10. Obama’s refusal to admit that “gun control” is not the answer to violence on our streets. Americans aren’t stupid. They know that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country and the most violence on its streets — with as many as 50 shot and 20 killed on some weekends. That could be why each time Obama talks about the need for gun control, Americans go out and buy record quantities of guns. Polls show American voters solidly  against Obama on the topic of guns (and the highest support for the 2nd Amendment in 25 years).
  11. Obama’s refusal to admit that his foreign policies have failed miserably, including his support for “the Arab Spring,” his helplessness to stop or slow Putin and his infamous “red line in the sand” threat towards Syria’s Assad regime. Polls show American voters solidly against Obama.
  12. More specifically, American voters are overwhelmingly against Obama’s Iran Treaty. [actually an unsigned executive agreement; he could have written a whole article on its horribles alone!]
  13. Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline to please his radical environmental supporters, despite his own State Department admitting it posed no environmental impact. Polls show American voters solidly against Obama. 
  14. Obama’s refusal to allow the prosecution of Lois Lerner or to even punish in any way the illegal actions of IRS employees who clearly chose to target and persecute conservative groups and critics of the president. Forget punishment. The IRS employees involved received bonuses. Polls show American voters solidly against Obama.
  15. Obama’s continued obstruction of Congress, completely ignoring the Founding Fathers’ desire for checks and balances on government. Polls show American voters solidly against Obama’s overreach.

Amazingly, not only is Hillary on board with Obama’s agenda, in many instances she wants to go further to the left (with spending, illegal immigration, importation of Syrian refugees and gun control). These views run clearly counter to the majority of Americans, yet Democrats no longer care.

Democrats are fooling themselves. Republican landslides in virtually every race in both November 2014 and just this past November are signs of the displeasure and anger from America’s voters (at least the ones who are here legally). It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In reaction to this indifference, Obama has turned the vast majority of America almost completely red on a local basis. In seven years under Obama, Democrats have lost an unheard of 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats. 

The “silent majority” has been awakened, and they’re motivated like never before to save America for their children and grandchildren. They will also show up and vote in 2016 like never before because they understand this indifference to the wishes of the American people must be punished like never before.

Charlie Sheen was never winning. It only looked that way in his foggy, delusional state. Obama, Hillary and their socialist cabal aren’t winning either. It may look like it to them right now. But this isn’t even close to winning.

This is pure madness.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. God bless America.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~

America goes out and votes Republican in response yet It doesn’t seem to make much difference. They say one thing to get elected then vote against the American people en mass once they’re in office.

Ok, we know all of that, that our commander wanna-be, is off his rocker, in left field, with a trail of lap dogs, following his pied piper route, to a 3rd world state.

Now, explain the GOP, RNC, as to what the deal is with them. They certainly are not listening to the voters and talking of using the election of the GOP candidate, to derail Trump if nominated. They don’t seem to care that voters want to pick their choice, not an establishment choice. They think a broker nomination battle is the way to save the Repub. Party, and don’t see how it’s going to destroy it and the future of our country.


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