Trump’s Leftist Mind-set

Trump’s Leftist mind-set is Not what is Needed in the White House to Fight Our Greatest Threat: Leftism!


America is threatened more from within than from without and that threat is specifically Leftism. Call it Democrat Liberalism, Progressivism, statism or Secular Humanism, it all leads to the same thing; constantly working for more government control of everything and everyone and that is anti-freedom, anti-prosperity and the antithesis of the America our Founders established.

Leftism is the Democrat ideology and agenda. That being so, we are in dire need of a president who understands this and will work against it, which the Republican party has utterly failed to do for longer than Obama has been president.
We need a Republican president with an established conservative mind who will work against the Leftist agenda actively, consistently and aggressively.
Trump is NOT that person.

While Trump has said in the past that he identifies more as a Democrat, he now claims to be a conservative Republican.

While Trump surely has verbally hit many of the conservative hot buttons, it is clear to me that he still retains a lot of that Democrat Leftist mind-set and instincts. Thus he cannot fully appreciate the threat that Leftism is to America and so cannot be the person that we need to aggressively fight the Left in the war it has waged against America since the 60s.

Here are things Trump has said that expose his still present Leftist thinking.
1. Trump believes that single payer (gov’t paid for and controlled) health care actually works and is working well for Canada and Scotland. Does any true conservative really believe this? It’s not true and why does Trump think this? Because of his Leftist mind set.

Now Trump says now is not the time for it for America because that time has passed. Why? Because it is election time and Repub voters wouldn’t stand for it. But what’s to prevent Trump form changing his mind once elected? In fact, Trump’s health care plan has been called ObamaCare on steroids in an article on conservative website Townhall.…

2. If gov’t paid for and controlled health care isn’t bad enough, how about Leftism’s ANTI-property rights? Trump is all for it! Trump loves that the Supreme Court radically redefined eminent domain so that corporations could use it to have gov’t forcefully purchase your home and give it to them, as Trump tried to do. Trump wanted the gov’t to take a widow’s home away from her so he could turn it into a parking lot for his gambling casino’s limos!…

What Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand About Kelo and Eminent Domain
Donald Trump’s view of eminent domain is not just immoral and un-American, it exposes a very troubling mindset.  People need to ask themselves if they want a second president in a row who’s so eager to use the fascist power of government to crush the individual in furtherance of corporate interests.
All in the name of the Common Good, naturally. The Individual has already suffered through eight years of a president completely enamored with the idea of using government to crush his human rights. We do not need another.…

3. I remember Trump supporters being all agog over Trump’s Alabama speech but did they actually listen to what he said about Nabisco moving its factory to Mexico? His minions swore to never eat another Oreo after Trump bashed the company and Mexico.

Trump even asked; why were they moving? But he didn’t answer his own question and he should have. If Trump had answered his own question and if he had a conservative mind, his answer would have been our government drove Nabisco out!
But no, his Leftist mind-set led him to the wrong answer as Leftism always does; big bad selfish, greedy business and the nasty thieving foreign country is to blame.

And what was his solution? Lower taxes & less government regulations and control to bring them and other companies back? No. Trump used the Leftist cure-all of MORE TAXES, as he threatened punishment through high tariffs.…

4. Remember Trump’s first thought for what America should do in response to the Syrian migration? Trump said we have to bring them here on a humanitarian basis. We HAVE to because they are living in hell in Syria. Sure that lasted all of day or two – it must not have polled well – but the point is his instinct is in line with King Leftist Obama.
See 1:25:…

5. Also, in the video above, at 3:45, Trump says we have to obey the Supreme Court’s unconstitutional dictate to radically redefine marriage. Does he believe the SC can now make law? And they are not to be challenged? Trump said, “You HAVE to go along with the Supreme Court. So, that’s the way it is.” Does Trump understand our constitution any better than Leftists do?

6. Trump not only surrenders to the Supreme Court’s threats to our religious freedom and society, he has also already surrendered to Islamic oppression. Is this who people want as Commander-in-Chief?
-Don’t antagonize the Muslims; bow to them and draw something else?? Talk about a Leftist mind-set of cowardice and submission to evil first.

Donald Trump Was Asked What He Thought About the Muhammad Cartoon Event in Texas.
Donald Trump had some strong words for Pamela Gellar…
“What in the hell is she doing?” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” on Monday.
“She’s taunting them,” he added.
“What is the purpose of it?” “Isn’t there something else they could draw?” he asked earlier.…

7. Trump believes the Leftist lie that Republicans caused the 2008 financial crisis. Trump’s telling you flat out that the Democrats are more reliable on the economy than Republicans are!

Trump on the 2008 financial crisis: “I don’t think the Democrats would have done that” If you wanted to choose one single sound bite from the past two months to support the case that Trump’s a Democrat in Republican clothing, this would be it. Giving Democrats a pass on the financial crisis is like giving Bill Clinton a pass on the rise of Al Qaeda in the years before 9/11.…

8. Along with his Leftist brethren, Trump supports affirmative action. Here’s what Donald Trump said in an interview on Sunday:

“I’m fine with affirmative action. We’ve lived with it for a long time. And I lived with it for a long time. And I’ve had great relationships with lots of people.”

What a silly answer. So Mr. Trump is “fine” with treating people differently — some better, some worse — on the basis of skin color, national origin, and sex. How come? Because “I’ve lived with it for a long time.” How does that make such discrimination more acceptable?…

9. Trump’s tax plan takes even more people off the tax rolls meaning under Trump’s proposal 75 million, or roughly half of all tax filers, will no longer pay any taxes to the federal government.
Do you think these people will care about the size of government or spending that they won’t be paying for? That’s just how Trump’s big-gov’t, big spending Leftist Democrats like it!…

Also, you know it’s NOT conservative when LEFTISTS approve of your tax plan, as do far-left, economic-propagandist Paul Krugman & Democratic Party’s favorite left-winger Elizabeth Warren.…

10. In the final Republican debate of 2015, Carly Fiorina called out Trump for the Leftist that he is. While discussing fighting evil Islam in the Middle East, Trump said we wasted trillions there that could been spent here on infrastructure.
“That is exactly what President Obama said. I’m amazed to hear that from a Republican presidential candidate,” former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said. Trump sounded just like Obama because Trump is an arrogant, narcissistic, megalomaniac leftist. The last thing we need is a “Republican” Obama!…

Bottom line, Trump is not the man for the job that needs to be done because he cannot be trusted because he does not have innate conservative core values and thought processes. He is still more inherently Leftist than conservative, the opposite of which we are in dire need.



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“When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.
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