Catholics Issue Communist Climate Manifesto,

Catholic Archbishops, Cardinals Release Communist Climate Manifesto, Will Demand World Marxist Govt In Paris

If the Roman Catholic Church was already a global Marxist organization in March of 2013 it would explain their selection of Argentine Marxist Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope. If not, it appears that his influence has had a severe negative impact, resulting in the rapid degradation of the church into a tool of global communism, the UN world government cabal.

The church hierarchy has been perverted into a captive body of which lockstep “faithful” adherence to and reflection of his own perverse authoritarian vision is demanded. A group of Archbishops and Cardinals have themselves provided us with yet more proof. The analysis which follows might simply be dismissed as unbelievable, if it weren’t supported by their own written words.

The truth is that Pope Francis shares Hussein Obama’s global government ambitions, which will be achieved by eliminating the greatest obstacle to their totalitarianism, a free America. He also desires the fundamental transformation of America to a Marxist, one world government. Catholics might be concerned that Marxism is strictly atheistic, making their actions even less easily defended and harder to comprehend. Along the way we Americans will be forced to adopt all of the world’s poor as dependents, sharing our wealth through forced redistribution in the supposed pursuit of atonement for our “climate sins.”

It is an obvious next step follow-up to last month’s US visit by the Pope, his PR trip to sell Americans on the idea of the “surrender in December” to his UN oligarchy comrades. Francis’ deputies, a collection of nine archbishops and cardinals, have joined in the call for an end of the current world order as it exists. By definition, an end to the current world order will unavoidably create what is often dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” a New World Order. Even if it is chaotic, it fits the definition. If it is centrally controlled through the United Nations, ushered in a binding international agreement, regardless of the false premise employed, the result is a New World Order.

The fact that such idiocy is tolerated illustrates the reasons why such a fraud can be promulgated. People are all too willing to be dominated; they’re too submissive, lazy and disinterested in their own futures and that of their children to take a healthy interest and to behave in a responsible manner. Too many Americans don’t appreciate what we have and frankly, aren’t deserving of their liberty. It is a gift for which they have far too little appreciation and one which they are I real jeopardy of losing. In short, those who believe the lie deserve to be slaves, the problem is, they likely take the rest of us down with them.

The fable of the attack by the nonexistent air monster is now being repeated by the Pope’s deputies, nine of which hit the propaganda waves on Monday, announcing that they’ll be following in their deceptive master’s footsteps, addressing the UN Climate Con-Job convention in December.

In a letter they stated their goals, saying, “Representing the Catholic Church from the five continents, we Cardinals, Patriarchs and Bishops have come together to express, on our own behalf and on behalf of the people for whom we care, the widely-held hope that a just and legally binding climate agreement will emerge from the negotiations of the COP 21 in Paris. We advance a ten-point policy proposal, drawing on the concrete experience of people across the continents, and linking climate change to social injustice and the social exclusion of the poorest and most vulnerable of our citizens.

To clarify, their perceived social injustices of wealth inequality will be addressed under the contorted “logic” of a responsibility to redistribute our wealth, the old haves versus the have-nots argument of one of their other masters, Karl Marx.

To that end they wrote, “Whether believers or not, we are agreed today that the earth is essentially a shared inheritance, whose fruits are meant to benefit everyone. For believers, this becomes a question of fidelity to the Creator, since God created the world for everyone. Hence every ecological approach needs to incorporate a social perspective which takes into account the fundamental rights of the poor and the underprivileged.

That’s a grand and noble sounding way of attempting to justify state-sponsored theft, Soviet style, by putting the rights of the poor above the rights of the more affluent, and pointing to a non-existent divine right in the process but these holier-than-thou tools of oppression don’t have that right. They are threats against the self-determination that God granted us, our free will, and they are, as are their comrades Obama and Bergoglio, overstepping their authority. They are sticking their self-righteous noses where they don’t belong and where they are not welcome.

Tipping the source of their intrusive actions, the cabal headed one section of their communist enablement letter as “Sustainable development must include the poor.” Of course the terminology of sustainable everything is UN jargon for their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, one world government outline and mandates. It’s obvious there is more than just a little collusion involved, but that’s nothing new. The UN and their select group of Marxist advisers, including Columbia University Climate Nazi Jeffrey Sachs and his German counterpart Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, were the true authors of the bit of plagiarized prose Pope Francis called his climate encyclical.

The Archbishops and Cardinals stated, “Reliable scientific evidence suggests that accelerated climate change is the result of unrestrained human activity,” which is a complete falsehood. First of all, the planet hasn’t warmed for at least 18 years and counting, and secondly, as if there needed to be a secondly in the face of such a damning rebuttal, the doctored evidence is far from reliable, it is fraudulent. A simple, honest and legitimate investigation by any of the Marxist tools who authored the letter would reveal to them that they are being played as fools, if that is indeed the case. If they are the players, then they already know the truth. They’ll perpetuate the lie in service to their unholy masters, those who seek to enslave mankind in the name of God.

They issued a list of what they described as “ten calls,” a blatant anti-freedom, anti-American global authoritarian control framework which included:

  • To keep in mind not only the technical but particularly the ethical and moral dimensions of climate change as indicated in Article 3 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).To accept that climate and atmosphere are global common goods that are belonging to all and meant for all.

    To adopt a fair, transformational and legally binding global agreement based on our vision of the world that recognizes the need to live in harmony with nature, and to guarantee the fulfillment of human rights for all, including those of Indigenous Peoples, women, youth and workers.

    To strongly limit a global temperature increase and to set a goal for complete decarbonization by mid-century, in order to protect frontline communities suffering from the impacts of climate change, such as those in the Pacific Islands and in coastal regions. [EVIDENCE PLEASE!!!!]

    To ensure that the temperature threshold is enshrined in a legally binding global agreement, with ambitious mitigation commitments and actions from all countries recognizing their common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities [Americans pay, others collect] (CBDRRC), based on equity principles, historical responsibilities, and the right to sustainable development. [Marxist From each according to his ability, to each according to his need]

    To develop new models of development and lifestyles that are climate compatible, address inequality and bring people out of poverty. Central to this is to put an end to the fossil fuel era, phasing out fossil fuel emissions, including emissions from military, aviation and shipping, and providing affordable, reliable and safe renewable energy access for all.

    To ensure people’s access to water and to land for climate resilient and sustainable food systems, which give priority to people driven solutions rather than profits.
    To ensure inclusion and participation of the poorest, most vulnerable and impacted at all levels of the decision-making process.

    To ensure that the 2015 agreement delivers an adaptation approach that adequately responds to the immediate needs of the most vulnerable communities and builds on local alternatives.

    To recognize that adaptation needs are contingent on the success of mitigation measures taken. Those responsible for climate change have responsibilities to assist the most vulnerable in adapting and managing loss and damage and to share the necessary technology and know how.

    To provide clear road maps on how countries will meet the provision of predictable, consistent, and additional finance commitments, ensuring a balanced financing of mitigation actions and adaptation needs.
    They closed by saying, “All this would call for serious ecological awareness and education,” (-or an ongoing program of re-education and indoctrination).

  1. To the degree that these men might be simply spreading this fraud by virtue of their own ignorance, their call for education brings a passage from Matthew, 7:3 to mind:

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

It would be great if these guys were simply a group of uninformed, beaming beamers preoccupied with the motes of others, well-intention but ignorant. That’s not the case. They have clearly authored a global UN communist climate manifesto. They’re out to take over the world and destroy our nation in the process.

Our Catholic friends in America face a double challenge, a rogue faux-‘president’ and a rogue false Pope. It would be great if they could tell their boys to back off, but the mechanisms aren’t there. Even if they were, they have their agenda and just as with the Obama regime, it comes first.

Communists in pink skull caps, pointy hats and robes don’t deserve any special favors. If anything, they are more deserving of our disdain and retaliation. They’re hiding behind God to do their evil works. That gives us two good reasons to be upset. They’d be wise to shut up, mind their own business and not give us any more.

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