Slavery Was Never Exclusive to African Americans

Written by Derek J Ackerman – 17 October 2015

~…Everybody wants to play their violins over black slaves, Native Americans and other oppressed minorities. But is white America and Europe so far removed from basic history that they’ve forgotten that they, too, were very recently slaves themselves? The word ‘slave’ derives from the term ‘esclave’, which is French for ‘Slav’—Slav being the ethno-linguistic group comprised mainly of central and eastern Europeans. Russian history is highly embedded with the institution of slavery. Even after their ‘emancipation’ in 1723, when Peter the Great converted the household slaves into house serfs, their status only really changed in name. There are said to be more than one million people in Russia that live as slaves, although it doesn’t ‘matter’—they don’t possess the correct skin hue.

The slave trade in the Balkans, Baltic regions and Central Europe during the Middle Ages to pre-modern period expanded to the Caspian Sea and Central Asia. There was a specific desire for young blonde girls and boys that were cultural exotic luxuries to the Arabic slave masters—these people would then subject them to obvious sexual oppression.  …….


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