Why there can be no coexistence with the Left

by Erik Rush @ WND


Assuming they can take a break from bitterly clinging to their guns and religion for a few minutes, I’m going to set a bona fide goal for those liberty-loving Americans out there with a passion for our founding principles and the Constitution. What may surprise some in that camp is that it’s the very same goal toward which those on the political left strive.

At first blush, some of these patriots – perhaps many – will find this goal rhetorically indelicate, if not undemocratic, or even (dare I say it?) – “extreme.”

By the time they’re done reading this, however, I would hope that they perceive the dangerous folly in such thinking.

The goal is simple, and it is as follows: We must utterly vanquish the political opponents we currently face. One can see why I said it’s identical to the ultimate goal of the left, and why they never articulate it openly. While they espouse love of country, liberty, the democratic process and say they believe we have as much of a right to our ideals and beliefs as they do theirs, these are patent deceptions.

Time and again, their actions make it abundantly clear that they intend to eradicate our ideals and beliefs if at all possible.

So, as contrary to our model of government and collective conscience as this may sound, utterly neutralizing the left (completely disenfranchising those who ascribe to leftist doctrine and dismantling all of their established political, cultural and legal constructs) is an imperative because they never had any intention of coexisting with those of differing ideologies.

A key difference between us and the political left is that we’ve always been here, but they have not. What I mean by this is that throughout the history of our nation, the intentions of the governed and those who rose to govern were fairly closely aligned. There were instances of major divergence – such as those who wound up at odds over slavery or the right of women to vote – but principally, we had somewhat differing means to generally the same ends.

Though the left-right paradigm with which contemporary Americans were raised has come to mean less and less (because so many politicians advance leftist policies regardless of political party), we do need to bear in mind that it is a very recent political model.

The reason politicians have perpetuated the observance of this left-right archetype in recent years is because it became eminently useful to them in manipulating the electorate – and this means big-government closet socialists like many prominent Republicans have demonstrated themselves to be, as well as outright communists like Barack Obama and his co-conspirators.

The core truth is that the ideology, motives and methods of the left are manifestly evil, and always have been.

I don’t know if I coined the phrase in relation to liberalism being “communism on the installment plan,” but I don’t know of anyone else who uses it. Whoever gets the credit, I believe it is an accurate statement because not only has liberalism itself changed incrementally over the last several decades, it has also managed to subvert those occupying other nodes along the political continuum.

This is because liberalism (as opposed to early 20th-century progressivism) has always been driven by hardcore communists. Because they are intrinsically diabolical, they misrepresent their intentions, then foment division, hatred and civil unrest. Finally, they institutionalize injustice, oppressing and terrorizing the governed, illegally appropriating the fruits of their labors and making atrocity commonplace.

This is why in 1983, President Ronald Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” It wasn’t a case of baseless name-calling.

With the end of the Cold War, many Americans presumed that the struggle against communism was over. I’m not sure why, since potent communistic influences remained in the world. In any event, I seriously doubt that in the early 1990s many conservatives could have imagined a Marxist-Leninist cabal calling the shots in our nation’s capital less than 20 years hence.

The empirical evidence demonstrates that liberalism inevitably morphs into communism (oligarchical collectivist totalitarianism). Whether it comes about quickly through revolution or slowly through attrition doesn’t matter much in the end.

Thus, liberalism is fundamentally just as malignant as communism – which we should have been able to ascertain, given that its effects over the last 50 years included increasing moral ambivalence, escalating levels of corruption in government and business sectors, class warfare, dissolution of the family (including high rates of divorce and illegitimate births), loss of reverence for the sanctity of life, rampant drug use, antipathy for the nation itself and transposition of the very concepts of good and evil.

And those only represent the evidence of America’s domestic deterioration.

I hope this has sufficiently illustrated that the liberal-embryonic-communist wholesale destroyers of everything good and decent have not always been among us. Those who follow evil dictates have always been among us, but never before in America have we seen a faction bent on pernicious societal nihilism achieve enduring influence and political power.

Those who are generally peaceful, industrious and generous, who would prefer to mind their own business as they pursue life, liberty and happiness have always been here. Actually, they are most people. Knowledge of this truth is what motivated our nation’s founders to so inextricably enshrine the concepts of individual liberty and Natural Law into its founding documents.

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55 comments, including:

Conservatives appear to have lost faith in the electoral and legislative process. These fantasies about violence are completely useless. Conservatives just need better leadership today. It wasn’t that long ago that Newt Gingrich spearheaded a movement to improve government and they ended up balancing the federal budget, a herculean feat that I never thought I would see. He did it with charisma and focus. People saw he was serious, capable, with a vision they shared, and people got behind him.
Today immigration and federal deficit are major problems. Solutions are obvious. Republicans control both houses of congress and yet nothing is done. They are paralyzed. Why can’t the republicans function effectively. Everyone here wants to blame liberals. Liberals are just being liberals, same as always. Why can’t republicans organize and acheive some objectives? Why can’t they win today as they have in the past? Where are the charismatic leaders who can mobilize public opinion?
Hating liberals is not the answer. Effectively countering them is the answer. The playing field of ideas is still there and still works, but jeez-louise, you got to bring some energy and some enthusiasm to the fight.

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