Question for Jewish Democrats: Why?

Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on October 24, 2014

I am a Jewish Republican. I know there aren’t that many of us – not even in my own family, as it happens. But whenever we GOP Jews — a minority of a minority — get together, we always wonder how most American Jews can be Democrats – and in fact vote for Barack Hussein Obama not once, but twice?

Don’t these Jewish Democrats see they have no friend in President Obama, who has more time for the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Abbas, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan than Benjamin Netanyahu? Even the fact he refers to ISIS as ISIL gives a pretty big hint, but then again maybe that’s too subtle for some.

But perhaps it’s too much to expect American Jewish Democrats to feel any concern for Obama’s apparent disdain for Israel when even their own fellow Jews serving in Congress can’t even stand up for Jews in Israel.

This week we reported about the Islamic terror attack in Jerusalem in which a jihadi plowed his car into a crowd of people waiting for a light rail train. A three-month-old baby girl with dual American and Israeli citizenship was thrown from her carriage and died from her head wounds. Fortunately, her murderer was shot and killed.

But he was celebrated for his “heroic martyrdom.”

According to Palestinian Media Watch, “Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor has glorified the terrorist who murdered three-month-old Israeli-American Haya Zissel-Brown and injured eight others yesterday, when he intentionally drove his car into people waiting for a train. Sultan Abu Al-Einein, advisor to Abbas, praised the terrorist, calling him a “heroic Martyr” on his official Facebook page.”

“Abbas’ Fatah movement likewise glorified the killer, posting an obituary for the murderer on its official Facebook page, and also using the words “heroic Martyr.” Fatah portrayed his death as “his wedding” – a reference to the Islamic belief that Martyrs for Allah are wedded to 72 virgins in Paradise.”

fatah praises baby killing hero 231014

Also according to Palestinian Media Watch, five Democrat members of Congress demanded Abbas remove Al-Einein for glorifying murder. The five were: Eliot Engel (NY), Nita Lowey (NY),Ted Deutch (FL), Brad Sherman (CA) and Ed Royce (CA), who is the only non-Jewish member in the list. I’m not sure why these were the only members of Congress who saw fit to complain, but I am surprised the entire list of Jewish members didn’t follow suit.

Where is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on this? Where is my representative, Lois Frankel? I suppose we can excuse lone Jewish Republican Eric Cantor from not speaking out, but honestly, what does he have to lose at this point?

Here’s the remaining list of Jewish Members of Congress who were not moved to comment on the Palestinian leadership’s glorification of the murder of a 3-month-old American-Israeli infant:

David Cicilline (D-RI)
Stephen Cohen (D-TN)
Susan Davis (D-CA)
Alan Grayson (D-FL)
Steve Israel (D-NY)
Sander Levin (D-MI)
Alan Lowenthal (D-CA)
Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
Jared Polis (D-CO)
Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
Adam Schiff (D-CA)
Brad Schneider (D-IL)
Allyson Schwartz (D-PA)
Henry Waxman (D-CA)
John Yarmuth (D-KY)

Why do you think that is? Why is there no outrage? I’ll tell you why. Because liberalism always trumps faith, morality and truth. Whenever I ask Jewish liberals why they continue to support a party that clearly does not support Israel, that even votes to take “God” out of its platform, that has succumbed to moral relativism and political correctness, the most common response I get is a shrug. I simply don’t understand it.

Why would you support a party that breeds racial divisiveness, punishes those who achieve material success and constantly makes apologies for those who have stated (and demonstrated) they wish to destroy you? It makes no sense to me.

But so much being done by Democrat leadership in this country makes no sense to me. Perhaps the polls are correct. Perhaps the American electorate, no matter what religion or race, is finally waking up to the damage this administration has done to our nation. I pray it is so.


A casual observer

The funny thing is that I constantly ask the same thing about Christian democrats.

  • walterc

    I ask the same question about anyone that believes in God. The democrat party has become communist light over the past 20 years, and has no room for God. But I’ve been wondering why Jews vote Dem since the mid 70’s.

    jazz fidelity

    I have seen that most groups that vote Democrat do so for one reason only.. for the handouts..


  • Stephen Husak

    White Jewish guilt vote. Been going on for generations.

  • This article makes a great companion piece for Col West’s article (20 March 2014) asking why African-Americans vote Democrat:

    On March 20, 1854 the Republican Party was established in Ripon, Wisconsin. Referred to as the GOP or Grand Old Party, it established for one reason: to break the chains of slavery and ensure the unalienable rights endowed by the Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness would be for all Americans.

    The Republican Party was created to achieve individual freedom. Then, as now, the antagonist to the Republican party has been the Democrats, the party of collective subjugation and individual enslavement — then physical, now economic.

    The first black members of the US House and Senate were Republicans. The first civil rights legislation came from Republicans. Democrats gave us the KKK, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests, and failed policies like the “Great Society.”

    Republican President Eisenhower ordered troops to enforce school desegregation. Republican Senator Everett Dirksen enabled the 1964 civil rights legislation to pass, in opposition to Democrat Senators Robert Byrd (KKK Grand Wizard) and Al Gore, Sr.

    As a matter of fact, it was Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson who stated, “I’ll have those *****rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years” as he confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One regarding his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs.


      • Andy Martin

        Malcolm X: A Dixiecrat ain’t nothing but a Democrat – YouTube
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        Sep 27, 2012 – Uploaded by GooberTheUncouthSenator Robert Byrd was a beloved member of the DemocratParty til the day he died. When the Dixiecrat …
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        Jul 14, 2013 – Uploaded by BlackAndRightMalcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘chumps’ … Malcolm X Speaks on Black Economics by Brother J 23,837 …

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        May 11, 2007 – Uploaded by Malcolm X NetworkThe Democrats have been in Washington D.C. only because of the Negro vote. … When Malcolm X originally made this speech it was directed …

        Malcolm X on the Democratic Party – YouTube
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        Jun 11, 2012 – Uploaded by North StarSwitch today’s “Blue Dogs” for yesterday’s “Dixiecrats” and this still applies today in many ways.

        Malcolm X: Black Democrats are “Traitors” – YouTube
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  • Snap N McGarrett

    Liberalism is a religion. That’s why they eschew all other religions. Except for Islam since they share common enemies.

  • Ovadyah Ben Berakhyah

    I am Jewish and a Republican and proud of both! I have a large circle of friends who are as well. I find it distasteful for people to separate on the basis of color, religion, ethnicity, etc. which is true of real Republicans as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. I say to those who discriminate, as the commentator above, if you share such bias against Jews, you must do so against Blacks, and Asians, and Latinos, the list just keeps growing; you cannot prove me wrong because you judge a book by its cover and not by its content. And if you do that then how are you better than a terrorist, or those who espoused violence throughout history to force their own beliefs upon others?! You are a fundamentalist, a radical, and a fanatic – and this is why the Jews vote Democrat! You give us, true Republicans, a bad name!

    • Lee Seid

      U are no republican Jew otherwise you would understand exactly what the author is saying. You try , just like your other democratic Jewish comrades to twist the facts, the truth, the reality we live in today and that is that Jews like yourself Ovaydeh, love being liberal and democratic more than the survival of Israel or an America that has always led and were proud to be above all other countries. You, O, want an America that is equal to others, look up to others and don’t have a Capitalism which gives true Americans the will to overachieve. Your a FRAUD sir and putting your ridiculous fraudulent lies of what a Republican Jew is quite sickening. Answer the question sir, Why do 80% of Jews vote for such anti Americans and anti Israel like Obama and DWS! Answer it mr. Republican Jew!!!!!!!!!

      • Ovadyah Ben Berakhyah

        1. You do not know me or my leanings; quick to judge.
        2. You did not understand my comment; not too bright.
        3. You did not discern at whom my comment was directed; reading comrehension problems.
        4. Israel was built based on liberal leanings; only after 1980s did the right gain momentum and life; you are also not well versed in history.
        5. I understood the article quite well; happen to agree with the author; admire the likes of Lincoln, Churchill, King, West, Carson, Cruz, and other bold (but unlike yourself not fundamentalist, radical) conservatives.
        6. I happen to support capitalism; not socialism or communism – and my immediate family experienced all three – I would know the difference.
        7. You proved my point very well kind sir; Jews distance themselves from radicals, as yourself and the commentator at whom my comment was directed (although unfortunately some have went to the other extreme and became the liberal radicals, we all hope see the light one day.)

        In conclusion, learning some history would be beneficial before condemning a group or writing comments on social pages. The Nazi Party was made of nationalists such as yourself, (by no means you are accused of being a Nazi, but certainly have the potential to be one). You are too quick to judge a group of people which you do not know (and do not tell me your best friends or your family members are Jewish); we are a people with a history and for you to understand us would require that you understand our history, our persecutions, and everything that ever threatened us – and even then it would be difficiult for you to understand. I do not agree with many things in life, including the man whom we call president, but unlike you I do not pass a judgement upon all Blacks – you are the antithesis of values Israel and America share, called democracy.

        Andy Martin

        Muslim Brotherhood Scion Chastises Hamas-Linked Group …
        Aug 13, 2014 – The high-profile Muslim Brotherhood leader was once banned from entry to the U.S. after allegedly providing funds to a charity known to support Hamas…. or not Islamic organizations should have attended the Obama …
        VERY IMPORTANT.. Obama’s Brother Funds Hamas (Proof … › Malik Obama
        Walid Shoebat
        Jan 30, 2014 – For example, one fund to aid Hamas links to IDO and is advertised by the Muslim Brotherhood as “Aiding Our Brothers in Gaza,” which is set up …
        Malik Obama Articles – Walid Shoebat
        Walid Shoebat
        Brotherhood Expert: Obama’s Brother a ‘War Criminal and Terrorist’ · Rep. Mike Kelly knows … Obama’s Brother Discovered at Party with Muslim Terrorist · Obama Family… VERY IMPORTANT.. Obama’s Brother Funds Hamas (Proof Below).
        Obama is funding Hamas – Conservative Tribune

        Obama refuses to cut off funding for a unity government that includes Hamas, the terrorist … Hamas, an anti-Israel offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, is officially …
        Secret $8 billion deal between Obama and the Muslim …

        … Obama and Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, to give 40% of Sinai to Hamasin exchange for $8 billion has already been paid to Morsi by Obama.
        VERY IMPORTANT.. Obama’s Brother Funds Hamas (Proof …
        Free Republic
        Jan 30, 2014 – Obama’s Brother Funds Hamas (Proof Below) … (and more disgusting) is President Obama’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist …

        Obama brother tied to Hamas-funding accounts…/obama-brother-tied-to-hamas-funding-…
        Jan 30, 2014 – Obama brother tied to Hamas-funding accounts … been supporting the terrorist organization Hamas as a fundraiser for the Muslim Brotherhood, …
        As the Middle East Realigns, Obama is on the Side of Iran ……/middle-east-realigns-…

        Andy Martin

        You— “That is an excellent example of you being wrong.”

        You again— “The Muslim Brotherhood only received some money from the US because, for a short time, they were the legally elected government of Egypt.”

        So which is it stupid? I was wrong or I was right?

        You—— “Republicans did the exact same.”

        Really idiot? on what authority did the GOP give money to the MB? Do you have a vote count from the HOR that backs up you claim? No? Effin liar.

        Are you saying that Reagan negotiating with Hez to get hostages back was wrong? Then you are equally pizzed at Obama giving up five Taliban leaders for a traitor. Right left-nut? Leave it to a SLIMEBALL LIB to attack Reagan for trying to get innocent hostages back while applauding Obama for trading five terrorist leaders for a traitor.

        You were wrong dumbass… the Republicans gave money to the government of Egypt just like the Democrats.
        It is deliberately misleading to say we gave money to the MB because the money went to the government.. not the President of Egypt’s personal bank account.
        nice try.

        And of course, you are attacking me for things you imagine.
        How sad that you can’t contradict what I actually said so you have to make up things.
        Where did I ever say I supported Obama releasing five terrorists?
        I didn’t say that… but you imagined I did so you could have something to argue about.
        And look at you defending Reagan lying to congress and the American people for paying off Hezbollah with money and weapons.

        Andy Martin
        Be nice Brenda. Learn to embrace your inner moron. Don’t run from it.

        Now be a good doggy and tell us who was running Egypt when the GOP gave them money. Try wrapping your feeble mind around this analogy fool. Had we given money to 1942 Germany, would it be safe to say that the money would have gone to Hitler? Now how is that different to giving money to MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD CONTROLLED EGYPT????????? You left-nuts excuse every traitorous act by our reprobate POTUS no matter what. You stupid lap dog. Obama loves suckers and mental malignancies like you.


        The Jewish believe it is their duty to take care of the poor and downtrodden, and have bought the idea that the republicans are only for
        r the rich. Since many Jews ars rich, it has never made sense to me but this is their belief. Since Democrats hate Israel, and Nazi killed thousands I would think they would be Republican??
        Kurt Froehlich

        Because Jews shy away from nationalism. They can’t seem to distnguish between the healthy nationalism of America and the European kind. There is also religious aversion to Christianity regardless of the fact that American Christianity is Protestant and is for the most part friendly to Jews. Then there is the fact that most American Jews are just plain atheistic, very comfortable with keeping God out of their lives and the public square.


        About arnash

        “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain - Politicians and diapers - change 'em often, for the same reason. "Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other." Ronald Reagan "Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views." William F. Buckley, Jr. “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell The people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it. Abraham Lincoln “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” - George Orwell “Satan will use a lake of truth to hide a pint of poison”.
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