America too far gone to save?

“The country is too far gone to save,” he stated with melancholic certainty. “Too many citizens are just like those in Europe who believe that the welfare state that provides cradle to the grave social giveaway programs is to be preserved and expanded at all costs, even if it pushes the nation over the financial cliff into bankruptcy.”

The one who provided this sobering analysis is a long time patriot, a defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and a fierce opponent of the ever expanding scope and power of an authoritative, centralized government complex. But he shared something that he will tell no one else, something that eats away at his very soul day in and day out. “In spite of the fact that I will continue to fight,” he said, “I have grown weary, tired beyond imagination, and disillusioned with not only the politicians who get sent back to Washington over and over but with my fellow citizens who don’t have a clue about the nature of the battle we’re in.”

“Yes, I will continue to fight, ” he continued, “But frankly I don’t see a lot of improvement. Not only do I have to fight politicians who are throwing our freedoms into the garbage can, trampling on the Constitution in the process, but I must constantly fight to attempt to educate my fellow citizens in what it means to live in a free society with a Constitution that is supposed to protect our freedoms with the full force of the law. The number of people in America today who understand that the Constitution exists to protect our freedoms from government encroachments is very small.”

He goes further to lament the things he hears ordinary citizens say about government power and individual freedom. Many citizens, he says, believe that no matter what the Constitution says that practically anything found therein can be negated and changed with a simple majority vote. “The majority rules” is their mantra. Well, not really. Some things that are essential to individual freedom cannot be negated with a majority vote. Those matters are protected by a Constitution that affirms the full force of human freedom and prevents a voting majority from negating them. Many citizens have the dangerously erroneous notion that anything, including our sacred God-given rights, can be rendered null and void by a either a majority of the voters or a majority in Congress. And if they fail to negate those rights by a majority vote, they can easily get the Courts to “rule” in their favor.

Tyranny by majority vote and tyranny by judicial fiat is still tyranny nonetheless. And it has taken a stronghold in America.

Some of the individual states have already demonstrated how easy it is to negate the rights of fellow citizens by stripping them of the protections afforded to those who exercise their right to own and carry a firearm. Public schools will suspend or expel a pupil for simply drawing a picture of a firearm in art class. Private property rights are constantly being trampled by ridiculous rules and regulations dictated by the EPA, which has swallowed the “global warming” hoax hook, line, and sinker. As if this were not enough, the Feds are also creating a database that tracks so-called “hate speech” on Twitter. The database also tracks and tags tweets that contain what they consider to be false information about politicians and their proposals.

And then the man who occupies the Oval Office issues “executive orders” when he can’t get his way in Congress. These illegal acts of a rogue president still have not been addressed by Congress. Why? It could be because they have lost all of their integrity along the rest of the government.

In many ways the dire assessment provided by the man quoted earlier presents a most inconvenient and nauseating truth. The ballot box has failed to prevent the tyranny from continuing. Thus, it appears that we are not going to be able to vote our way out of the current quagmire. Either we roll over, play dead, and surrender to our new masters who wish to enslave us, or we wage war to seize back the liberties we have lost to tyrants.

Many if not most citizens have no intention of allowing themselves to become slaves to a government that has become drunk on its own power. Thus, the only alternative is war. As wars go, this would be a righteous one. A war to take back our freedoms from government leviathans is a righteous war. There is no nobler cause than to fight for the liberties the progressives and their co-conspirators, the Islamo-Fascists, have set their sights on negating.

By  Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner

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