U.S. Banking System Frauds Against the Public

 I am fighting Regions Bank in which my mother, Mary S Randall had a checking account with them and I was added to the bank account in Oct 2007 with a Durable Power of Attorney after receiving 2 phone calls while living overseas in the Marshall Islands.

Her attorney took me to the Loop Branch of Regions and had me added to mom’s account after showing the paperwork to a employee/officer of the bank. He told me how to sign her checks to pay for her bills and I did this for several years. I had a operation in Dec 2009 and ran into complications and almost died.

While I was in a hospital fighting for my life, supposedly someone changed the address of my mother’s bank statement from mine overseas to my mother’s supposedly friend who lied, stole, committed fraud, possibly kidnapped and murdered my mother. When we found out about the theft of the money stolen out of her bank account we contacted Regions by phone but got nowhere and then went into person to the Dauphin Island Parkway (DIP) branch and asked their Fraud dept to investigate the matter.

We found out that $38,599.64 was stolen out of her bank account and I was not notified and neither was my sister, Debbie. We also were not told of the change of address and Regions only refunded $2147.11 not the entire amount of money that is missing. I also found out that I was removed from my mother’s bank account without my knowledge or consent.

I found this out when I received a reply from Regions asking me how I came up with the amount of the money stolen out of my mother’s and mine bank account. I can add the fraudulent ATM entries and pin-withdrawals and 2 fraudulent checks. I asked the Fraud dept for pictures of the fraudulent transactions from the supposedly change of address in April 2010 – Mar 2011.

I have only gotten pictures from 13 March 2011 – 26 March 2011 and my sister and I identified 2 of the 3 women involved, my mother’s supposedly friend, her daughter and her niece. I want to know who gave Regions authority to remove me from my mother’s account since my mother was not physically or mentally able to take care of her financial affairs.

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s which we have in the family for 3 generations. Thank you Death Camps because according to the Board of Health of Alabama if your love one goes into the hospital, nursing facility or under hospice care, you do not have to be notified, nor told of the diagnosis nor told of the readmittance to the hospital, nursing facility again and again.

That is the doctor’s responsibility. I asked what if the doctor is involved. God help you if your love one is under hospice care. They do not have to do the background check on the patient. The hospice that took care of my mother without me and my sister being told made over $10,000 instead of being honest and contacting us or even Medicare contacting us. No, they did not either.

I was told by Medicare that it was not their responsibility to inform me but it sure as hell was their responsibility to ask me for her premiums each month. I am so thankful that my sister, Debbie asked me to come to Pocatello, ID to recover. If I had gone to the hospital, nursing facility or be under hospice care in Mobile, AL I would be dead. I have also found out that a thief at Regions helped the 3 women steal from my mother’s and my bank account but regions is now asking me how I came up with the amount of the money stolen.

I can add. I was not raised on common core. Check with your family, check with your bank, call your representatives in local, state and federal governments and increase the law to protect our Senior Citizens because one day we will be old. I do not like liars and thieves.

I receive these notifications frequently. I have a trust account that I have to sign another letter every year for the bank. Next time I am anywhere near a branch of that bank, I am taking the money out. To heck with all this garbage. It is only an excuse to steal money from hard working people and give it over to an utterly incompetent government.

Every time Statists take power … ostensibly to make things better for suffering people … they ALWAYS seize their property, stop or reduce their ability to support themselves and their family, try to run every aspect of their lives according to some utterly unfair “equality plan”, and then resort to State terrorism to silence potential dissent when the people give any hint of opposing the “plan” and eventually just to punish them for failure because Utopia … while impossible to achieve … “can only fail if people didn’t follow the (unworkable) plan”.

I feel like I’m reading science fiction!

4 words: Tangible gold and silver.  Anyone who thinks they can trust government has obviously never talked with an American Indian.

This is like what the IRS did to us. They went back and changed our returns for 3 years an then said we owed taxes of 15,000 , cleaned out our bank accts of 3000 with no notice, then said we owed 18,000.What the heck. How does 15-3 come to 18 ? Then they put a lien on our home with no notice. Contacted an attorney and IRS admitted they changed our returns and we did not owe the money but pay it or else and then file for refund.. How stupid is that? Our Government has gotten too big for it’s britches. I still have the letter to that statement of not owing the money.

If you want the Pennsylvania policy from the State Treasurer as of 2012 this is the website to go to. I am not sure what Joe Kerry or Glenn Beck are talking about here since it clearly states in the policy there has to be several kinds of notifications, a dormant period of at least a year and then the state has to work diligently to find the rightful owner for ten years. I have never found Glenn Beck to be blatantly making false statements so I would like to find the source of this discrepancy in information, my ability to understand or a misunderstanding on Joe Kerry’s part. Either way I think some more research and information needs to be obtained.

This is a normal escheat process that is intended to safeguard unclaimed or forgotten funds. In most states if an account is completely inactive at some point it will be escheated to the state. The inactive period was 5 years, then most states changed it to 2 years, Usually if money was deposited into the account it was not completely inactive. It appears PA has become more aggressive than previously. It maybe that the Legislature was responding to increasing identity theft and account take over activity. Money’s from unclaimed apartment damage deposits, unclaimed mortgage insurance deposits and various other types of accounts that are frequently forgotten.

This give you one place to search for lost or forgotten funds and the State gets to keep the money until you show up. Check out your states’ unclaimed property office. I found $500 dollars from a scum bag landlord that the state caught up with and extracted all of the unrefunded deposits she could never get around to mailing to past tenants. I had figured since I was dealing with an out of state company I’d never see that money.

So, it really is not an all bad policy. PA may be too aggressive and the staffer may have been too lax. Eventually, they will get their money back from the state.


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