UK Independence Party Victory turns tide in Britain

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The European tyranny-by-clerk has a rinky-dink duma – a pretend “parliament,” an ecclesia of eunuchs that lacks even the power to father a bill. However, the European duma, like that of Tsar Nicholas II in Russia, is elected. In this week’s elections to Europe’s totalitarian talking-shop, the United Kingdom Independence Party – Britain’s equivalent of the tea parties – came first.

The victory was achieved in the teeth of a sneering smear campaign by the unspeakable BBC and the rest of the Marxstream media and a contemptuous dismissal of UKIP not only by the two major parties but also by the junior partner in the Children’s Coalition that now misgoverns Britain, the “Liberal” “Democrats” (who are neither).

The United Kingdom Independence Party is the only party in British politics that does what it says on the tin. It is in favor of winning back Britain’s independence, carelessly handed over to the unelected commissars of Brussels 40 years ago by traitor Edward Heath. Commissar, by the way, once the name of a Communist official in the unlamented Soviet Union, is the magnificently appropriate official German name for a member of the hopeless junta of tin-pot tyrants who wield all power in Europe from behind closed doors.

Like the tea parties, UKIP firmly believes in freedom and democracy. That is why it wants out of the anti-democratic EU, where the unelected commissars now make 83 percent of Britain’s laws for it. UKIP has only just passed its 21st birthday, but it is now the dominant force in British politics. And all this without a single seat in the House of Commons.

Unlike the tea parties, UKIP has won this victory not by trying to influence the “Conservative” Party, but by having the courage to stand aside and become a party in its own right. The effect has of course been to weaken the “Conservative” Party, and – at the last general election – to prevent it from winning an outright majority against one of the most incompetent and unloved “Labor” governments of modern times.

But that was a price worth paying to ensure that freedom does not die. Whatever we may wish, freedom is not our birthright. It is the instinct of governments everywhere to govern and, in so doing, to make those whom they govern less free. It is the instinct of peoples everywhere to be free. But if there is no party that will fight for their freedom, they cannot long remain free except by the favor of their rulers, which is usually withheld.

The GOP, as this column has long pointed out, has effectively abdicated. It evinces no clear suite of policies to win back power and then do something useful with the victory. It appears to have no obvious leader. It is drifting aimlessly and rudderlessly toward the next presidential election without having ensured that it puts forward – at last, after two no-hopers – a credible candidate for your nation’s highest office.

The tea parties had hoped they could put some lead in the GOP’s pencil, but they have not really succeeded. In the end, the GOP has gone native and is comfortable letting the bureaucracy govern. In short, it has become comfortable with the very denial of freedom that your Founding Fathers decided to fight against.

So the lesson for the tea parties from UKIP’s victory is this: If you really believe in freedom and democracy, and if you realize that the GOP no longer fights for either, then you will need to take the courageous and at first difficult and thankless step of founding your own separate party. For the GOP has proven irreformably unwilling to get off its wobbly bottom and do its job of fighting the rapid dismantling of freedom by the current Democrat administration.

And the lesson for the GOP is like unto it. If the Republicans will not raise their game and start fighting the inexorable encroachment of totalitarian tyranny upon the liberty that was once – but is no longer – the proud hallmark of the United States, then it will only be a matter of time before the tea partiers get together and express their discontent by doing what a small group of academics did in a British pub 21 years ago.

That will be the end of GOP, just as surely as the rise of UKIP will be the end of the “Conservative” Party that Margaret Thatcher once led with such stunning success.

No small part of UKIP’s success lies in the outrageous dishonesty of Dave Cameron, Britain’s endlessly unconvincing schoolboy prime minister who had promised the voters a referendum on whether Britain should remain an unconsidered satrapy of the European empire of the paper-shufflers or whether she should instead become free once again to govern her own affairs via the ballot box.

No referendum has been forthcoming, and “Dave” will say no more than that he might, perhaps, get around to thinking about putting a referendum on the agenda in, shall we say, 2017 or so, but only after renegotiating the terms of Britain’s EU membership.

What will happen next is this. UKIP will not negotiate with Cameron, because only a fool bargains with a knave. So, if the “Conservatives” want to hold office after the next election, they will either have to ditch Cameron or side-line him so they can have meaningful talks with UKIP about allocating it a couple of dozen parliamentary constituencies where it can stand unopposed, in return for their being allowed to stand unopposed everywhere else, and with a binding commitment that the first bill to be brought before the new parliament will be to give the British people their say on who should govern them.

My guess is that the “Conservatives” will not be willing to do either. They need one more electoral defeat at UKIP’s hands before they realize the party means business. When they lose the next election – and they will lose it solely because UKIP will take enough of their votes to make them unelectable – they will unhesitatingly tell Cameron to sling his hook. Then they will choose another leader, probably Boris Johnson, the buffoonish-seeming but actually very clever mayor of London.

Boris will negotiate with UKIP and, after the 2020 general election, we shall get our referendum. We shall vote “No” to tyranny and – without a shot being fired at Appomattox Courthouse – we shall get our freedom, our democracy and our country back. God Save the Queen! I pray – and now have reason to hope as well – that she will live long enough to see her kingdom governing itself once more.


Imagine that! Being taught this lesson from the Nation that we freed ourselves from way back when! I say “taught,” but that doesn’t mean we’ve “learned.”

Please continue to keep us informed, Lord M. Seems the UKIP has taken to heart what we Americans have forgotten. As Samuel Adams once said, “It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in people’s minds.”



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