Are Americans Ready For A Revolution?

May 28, 2014 by

“While all our ancient beliefs are tottering and disappearing, while the old pillars of society are giving way one by one, the power of the crowd is the only force that nothing menaces, and of which the prestige is continually on the increase.” — From Gustave Le Bon’s 1895 book, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

Imagine sitting in a theater watching a movie. Behind you someone jumps to his feet and shouts, “Fire!”

You can’t smell a whiff of smoke, nor can you spot a single spark. The smoke detectors are silent; the automatic sprinklers motionless. Yet none of this matters. Within seconds, The Crowd has been created. People everywhere are screaming out. A mass of people begins to make its way to the fire escape. Assume you know for certain that there is no fire. You face a choice: either plant yourself in the center aisle and oppose The Crowd, or throw yourself into the throng.

If you are a principled man or woman, you might think it’s your duty to oppose The Crowd. Guess what? Fulfilling that duty will be the last thing you ever do. A panicked crowd is not going to listen to what you have to say no matter how well reasoned it is argued. Opposing it is like opposing a cattle stampede. If you stand in its path, you will surely be trampled to death.

The problem with crowds is they have no ear for reason. Once a contagious fear grabs hold, a crowd loses all sense of objectivity all reason. Truth is meaningless.

There is no way on Earth that you are going to reverse it until the hysteria has run its course.

Crowd Control

The longevity of a government is often dependent on its ability to control and, in some cases, incite a crowd.

Napoleon understood this as well as any leader and used his influence to revitalize France after it had torn itself to shreds during its bloody revolution. The powers that had preceded him — most notably the Jacobins — were able to incite the masses, but thereafter could not control them. A testament to this was the summary execution of Robespierre with the guillotine, the instrument he used so effectively during the Reign of Terror, a 13-month period that claimed the lives of 20,000 Frenchmen.

Crowds are not only pervasive in politics, but are also indigenous to investment markets. As a result, conscientious investors must always be wary of crowds. If one starts to form, markets take on a life of their own, quite apart from reason or reality.

One of the earliest examples of a market gone awry after being besieged by a crowd is the case of the South Sea Bubble.

According to Wikipedia, the South Sea Company “was a British joint-stock company founded in 1711, created as a public–private partnership to consolidate and reduce the cost of national debt.” The real objective of the company and its creator, John Blunt, was to bilk the investment public. After British Parliament legalized the sale of stock in 1711, the South Sea Company issued debentures worth 100 pounds a share. Immediately, the stock rose; but not because of any ventures undertaken by the company.

None of the company directors ever traveled to the South Seas; and none of them took seriously any trade with South America, still a protectorate of Spain, which was unwilling to share any of its spoils. For a decade, this inconvenient fact did not matter. Yet Blunt was able to entice the cream of English society into its venture. Royalty, noblemen and even members of Parliament bought into the South Sea promise.

As this new money washed in, it was used to pay off the few that sold out. By 1718, the South Sea Company attracted a much wider audience. Everyone from cobblers to milkmaids learned of this great new venture that promised profit without work.

Propelled by the capital of the masses, the South Sea speculation took off. The price of a single share began to skyrocket: first to 500 pounds, then to 700 pounds and finally to more than 900 pounds. Then in the summer of 1720, the roof craved in. The plague arrived in England, and a sense of foreboding was everywhere. Money became tight, and investors began to sell out.

But when several of them moved to sell, the company was unable to pay off. The South Sea Bubble burst.

Huge fortunes were wiped out, and thousands of speculators were left penniless. By October 1720, the nation was embroiled in a full-scale financial crisis. Bankruptcies swelled, the real estate market collapsed and, in the end, the government itself fell. England was shaken to its core.

Part and parcel of the South Sea Bubble, and typical of all speculative bubbles over the past 300 years, was the participation of The Crowd. Typical to the late stages of a bull market is swelling public interest. This often creates a crowd.

Cautiously at first, and then later with reckless abandon, The Crowd becomes overwrought with greed, propelling it into a feeding frenzy. Thereafter, markets reach unsupportable heights that can no longer be levitated because the universe of new buyers has run dry. The markets collapse underneath their own weight; and another crowd, rank with fear, rushes for the exits. The bullish excesses on the run-up are now exceeded by the bearish impulses of the downside.

This pattern of surge and crash has occurred repeatedly since the South Sea Bubble. To dismiss it now would be like dismissing the ebb and flow of the tides of human behavior.

Nothing Civil About Civil War

For decades, my focus with the masses was which way they would take the markets. The stock market crashes of 1987 and 2008 showed me that is not going to be the total crisis of confidence if markets face big downward swings only to be puffed backed up by imaginary money created by Congress and the Federal Reserve and that real crisis is going to be when the Federal government steps forward and institutes draconian laws upon all Americans.

What the Federal government doesn’t yet realize is the conflict coming into play from two masses: the liberal lobby for President Barack Obama — with his pro-gay, pro-black, pro-socialist agenda, executed by his secret National Security Agency drone army — and freedom-loving, gun-owning Americans who are willing to fight and, if necessary, die for the Constitution. These are the masses headed to battle, to civil war. And I expected it will happen two years after the 2016 Presidential election. For the first time in my life, I fear blood in the streets.

Yours in good times and bad times,

–John Myers

Loran Carlson · Top Commenter · Solano Community College

Just look what the progressive congress and the MSM did to DUBYA. That was not civil by a long shot. Now look at how Obama and the progressives have tried to “fundamentally change” this nation into a socialistic utopia. Now the focus has shifted to what I say is a more fascist mentality by the left. The legislative branch is all FUBAR, the Judiciary branch members are interpreting the law into their own personal philosophy, and who knows what we can expect next from the executive branch? So yes Elaine, I do think that whoever gets into the highest office will not be able to bring this nation together. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a progressive, but it will mean that the progressives will howl at the moon until violence erupts.

Kathryn Hood · Minerva, Ohio

I fear mob mentality is coming. Sadly the government has lost its way. The totally out of control spending, increasing debt, lack of concern for the economy and its effects on the common person is heading in a dangerous direction. We have a number of people in this country who have given up or almost given up on ever being able to find a job, especially a job that will support a family, include the number of people under employed or working two and three jobs to get by – which has to lead to unrest. Add the continued attacks on retirement and medical care of those who have worked all of their lives, so that other who have never a worked a day in their lives can be comfortable. Guess what – people will reach a breaking point. We are reducing our military forces, putting those men and women out to be on unemployment, food stamps, paying them to do nothing, as well as learning nothing (at least while they were serving in the military I go something for my tax dollars and got work and leadership experience) while we are increasing an internal army, we call it Homeland Security. Whose job it is to watch us, spy on us, and deny us our rights under a government in fear. They fear us the people, who still believe in the Constitution, our right to life, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, which to me include the right to not have all my communications monitored, the right own firearms, the right to disagree with the government or just my neighbor. To meet and assemble in an orderly fashion, to include the Tea Party. We should have the right to ask to government to enforce the laws currently in place like immigration instead of making news one to avoid enforcing it so illegal votes can keep them in power. I for one as an American have no problem with proving I have the right to vote, especially to prevent non Americans from swaying our elections. I have to provide my birth certificate to get a drivers license, I have no problem with adding a tiny little block on that license that say US citizen yes or no, and putting the same block on any official ID cards. I need one of those to write a check, supposedly to get a job, and many other things. I have no problem using it to identify myself when voting. Maybe with only Americans voting we can change some of the faces in the most corrupt city in the world, Washington DC.

Paul Wendel Brock · BYU (Brigham Young University)

Follow the plan. NO voter ID, lax immigration laws, armed executive departments(the BLM at the Bundy Ranch should have frightened us all)and the total breakdown of the “rule of Law” by the judicial branch and Eric Holder . The socialists will win every election by fraud or theft. Remember it was Joseph Stalin said “elections go to those who count the votes.” It is obvious that the plan is in place to impose an oligarchy on this country similar to the politboro which ran Russia. I know this post will receive criticism for “extremist” rhetoric, but people must connect the dots. Our cities are cauldrons of despair and dependency which will erupt when an economic crash occurs and entitlements are cut. It will be Greece on steroids.

Paul D. Conley · Top Commenter · Durant, Oklahoma

I am one of those freedom-loving, gun-owning Americans who are willing to fight, and, if necessary, die for the Constitution. That said, I am one who feels that the masses are not headed to battle, or to a civil war. I expect it will not happen in two years after the 2016 Presidential election, or any time after that. I do not fear blood in the streets, but if others make it happen, I and mine will put a stop to it quicker than you can say, “move on!” It is because I truly believe in the written words of our Constitution, not the spoken words of our elected representatives! Our representatives have violated their elected function by buying their voters and writing laws of which our representatives do not have the power or authority to write or to enforce! Elections are our means that we use to “over turn” our government, not bullets or raging mobs! Take away our “things,” our land, our food, and our freedoms, guaranteed by God, and our Constitution, yes then there will blood in the streets, but whose blood? When government tries to overrule God, and our Constitution, then there is nothing else to do then to restore order, and obedience to God, and our Constitution, and yes, there then will be blood in the streets!

A new American Revolution? I don’t think so.

If you look at the laundry list of complaints against King George III in the Declaration of Independence, you’ll see that most all of them were surpassed without complaint some time ago in this country.

Why? Because profligate spending on wealth redistribution has kept the populace fat, dumb, and happy. Once we morphed from a republic to a democracy, the politicians of both parties understood the value of the bribe, and it has worked all too well.

The abject and embarrassing failure of the American Spring movement is eloquent testimony to the apathy of the electorate. We’ve all simply got it too good to move off the dime at this point. And voices that call for organized action now are drowned in the relative affluence and insouciance of the masses.

The crunch will come when government falls as a result of its own socialist policies. The financial crisis looms as the dollar weakens, debt has become unsustainable and the feds continue to spend well beyond their means to do so. It’s only a matter of time before the house of cards tumbles. And the crisis will occur only when the fat, dumb and happy will no longer be able to feed their pie holes.

When the balloon goes up, your immediate enemy will be both the government and the murderers, marauders and pillagers who will all descend upon you in gangs to obtain your foodstuffs and weapons. No “elite,” as in the American Revolution, will organize and guide you. On the contrary, it will be the elites whom you will fight.

And here’s a newsflash for those who think the coming catastrophe will be clothed in the nobility and glory of a new American Revolution: it won’t be that way at all. It’ll be a matter of sheer survival, and it’ll be nasty, brutish and bloody.

Forming local militias may provide some comfort in being immersed in a “cause,” but that euphoria will soon fade when the government with its vastly superior firepower will blow you away. Eventually, a new government will be formed (most likely military in nature), but don’t expect that freedom will reign. The moral deterioration extant in this country, far different from the values of Colonial America, will almost guarantee the replacement of one effete class with another.

As for “the liberal lobby for President Barack Obama — with his pro-gay, pro-black…agenda” pitted against a Constitution-loving faction, that has nothing to do with the chaos that will ensue after financial meltdown. Nobody’s going to give a damn about that when they’re fighting for their very survival, and to gratuitously introduce such an idea is petty and provocative.

We have not been THIS divided ideologically since 1861. But I don’t think the left has the passion to fight! Unlike 1861, we don’t live in the “age of innocence.” We have TV and the Internet. So many of our people on the left have become so apathetic they wouldn’t care if the United States split into five separate countries. Conservatives think differently. If there really is a shooting war, they will win decisively.
A second civil war would be ideological, not sectional. Also possible is a “peaceful separation” of the states. The best solution would be to “rediscover” the 10th amendment. In short, the nation is simply too large to be run from a central point. What might work in France or England just isn’t practical in America.

A “liberal” Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the Voters discover they can vote themselves Largesse from the Public Treasury. From that moment on
the majority will always vote for the Candidates promising the most benefits from the Public Treasury, with the results that a “liberal” Democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy and is always followed by a Dictatorship”


Stuart You may or may not know that I support many veterans organizations. I have learned that before the government has the ability to incarcerate American citizens in FEMA camps to be gassed a shooting war between “armed” Veterans and civilians and the US govt. will ensue

No one wants conflict but given government’s attitude I see little hope to avert an armed conflict. The first hit of martial law will send signals throughout America just as if Paul Revere made his infamous ride!!
Should the need arise I will be heeding the call and taking up arms.

We might disagree on CAUSE John, but your last sentence, concerning EFFECT, “For the first time in my life, I fear blood in the streets.” is an indisputable consequence, I believe, in context, as a prediction.

It would have been more HONEST, John, if you had said FASCIST COLLECTIVISTS against Freedom loving Individuals , but then I know ,you like so many Americans are part of “Divide and Rule” and/or actually believe the problem is Gay and/ or Black and/or Muslim etc.

Rural Oregon faces deeper peril as public safety system weakens

“The situation is perilous,” said Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. “We’re at risk of crossing the tipping point into lawlessness in some of our rural areas.”

The risk exists for nearly all Oregonians, whether a resident or a traveler to rural areas.  More and more are getting guns. They’re going to protect themselves,” Fisher said.

HI Joe, you may find this DOCU video narrated by KEVIN COSTNER, interesting and informative. I believe there are 4 parts ,in all:…



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