Insights into the Global Warming controversy

Marc Jeric · Top Commenter · UCLA

It is useful to remind ourselves of the 40-year old history of that UN-led conspiracy. It started in the 1970’s by the announcement of the coming “New ice age” scam (remedy = our unilateral disarmament; the big guru of Global warming hoax is Dr. Hansen whom started his career by that New Ice Age scam); when that panic petered out in the 1990’s it continued by the announcement of the man-made catastrophic “Global warming” hoax (remedy = UN-sponsored world socialist government to “spread the wealth around” and “reduce” the world population from the existing 6.5 billion down to the “sustainable” level of 1.5 billion); after 17 years of considerable global cooling that panic was replaced by the “Climate change” flimflam (so whatever happens with our climate – do “something”!) and now by the “Cap & Trade” power grab with the purpose of nationalizing our energy companies. Whatever that coterie of government-paid drones controlled by the far-left UN Panel “specialists” is cooking up by means of faked data, reverse graphs (another guru of that conspiracy Dr. Mann “confused” cause and effect in his “hockey stick” graphs), and erroneous calculations – the final aim is to empower a new UN-sponsored world socialist government authorized to “spread the wealth around” and so save the planet from a sure annihilation caused by “the rapacious and irresponsible criminal capitalists”.
Based on three US government reports, the US government expenditures on climate change exceed $165 billion, since Fiscal Year (FY) 1993. Expenditures on what the reports identify as pure “climate science” exceed $35 billion since FY 1993.
Those green and renewable energies – solar, wind, biofuels – are all energy balance-negative (they require more conventional energy to produce than they can generate), unreliable, extremely expensive, and environmentally destructive. Also, there is now a wealth of contrary literature debunking that gigantic conspiracy, written by investigative reporters and politicians Christopher Horner, Robert Carter, Senator Inhofe, Rupert Darwall, AW Montford, and David Archibald among other investigative journalists and politicians describing the lies, fakes, phony data, opposite conclusions, redacting by UN political hacks, reverse graphs, destruction of negative data, etc., that have exposed this far-left propaganda in painful detail. Also, the Oregon Petition (see Internet) signed by 31,487 independent US scientists (including 9,029 with PhD degrees), disputes the false “science” of the UN panel and its “scientists”. Another such document named The Manhattan Declaration lists some 720 scientists, including 120 pure climatologists, states the same. Former Vice-President Al “Jazeera” Gore, another low IQ bloviating gasbag, has ridden that “global warming” horse to a personal wealth estimated to reach a billion dollars, while being entertained by elegant and expensive hookers in luxury hotel suites.
If President Obama persists and succeeds in his “Cap & Trade” program, we should expect astronomical energy prices (say – a monthly electricity bill $600 instead of $200 for a 2-bedroom house); gas for your car at $8/gallon; etc.), massive bankruptcies of private companies, huge unemployment numbers, high inflation, wide-spread nationalizations of energy companies, and very likely large-scale civil unrest in the cities. But then perhaps President Obama is in fact aiming to achieve all that, so that he can proclaim a state of emergency authorizing him to use dictatorial powers with no end in sight, thus nullifying the 22nd Amendment. We will see more taxes and less “tax expenditures” – that’s the new name for what’s left in your take-home paycheck, according to La Pelosi. Today I e-mailed my standard “global warming – cooling – climate change” harangue to the sole senator who has stood up to that Marxist monstrosity of Cap & Trade: Oklahoma’s Senator James Inhofe. He wrote an excellent book detailing the UN Panel chicaneries and his battles with our Eco-Nazis.
Dan Morgan 

‘The report stated that corn producers in Iowa, oyster growers in Washington State and maple syrup producers in Vermont are all observing climate-related changes that are “outside of recent experience.”’

The answer to this is not man-made “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, but the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. See the Federal Governments own info on this:

Harry Flagle · Central High School

The Sun controls our climate , always has and always will. Fact: The ocean absolve CO2 and also releases it. Those who are pushing for climate change rules (Like Al Gore, Who has become very rich and has the largest home which uses ten time more energy than the average home). are Politicians, diverting attention to Climate change for political gains.. Core samples take from the earth show as far back as 10,000 years has established that climate changes have always been a way of life…Check this out and don’t fall for political rumors
Marion Dickinson ·

They are totally ignoring the fact that cold temperatures are delaying planting of food in many areas. Yesterday it was 27 degrees where I live, food doesn’t sprout or grow at that temperature. Ten to one if we have a food shortage this year due to prolonged cold, it will be blamed on global warming.
Karen Stickney · Top Commenter · Janitor at Opportunity Enterprises

This is why liberals say that you don’t care about life after it’s born. Do you really want to be flooded by all the seas rising? There will be no place to plant crops, and crops will die if they are waterlogged. People will have to live like fish, whales, and dolphins if this continues. Many people will die from drowning, including pregnant women and unborn children whom you claim to care about. This won’t faze you, but if I’m wrong and it does, we are in for a watery grave. Is that what you want?
Marion Dickinson ·

The problem for AGW advocates is that none of those things are happening despite warnings for over 10 years now of rising sea levels. The thing is it is all fundraising hype. If Obama, Gore, etc actually BELIEVED what they are saying about pollution, they would NEVER fly in a private jet, especially for vacations or to go golfing, nor for meetings to decry the warming supposedly taking place. They simply do NOT believe and are just fund raising. When I see environmentalists, Obama, et al using teleconferencing instead of private jets to resort areas then I will be impressed.
Ted Wright · Staff Biochemist at Siemens

I have looked at the petition website and fewer than 500 signatories have the appropriate background to comment on climate science studies. While the field of study of the signatories is summarized, there is no information on the full credentials (academic position, papers published, professional affiliations) for any signer so it is impossible to determine if any of the signatories has the appropriate background and knowledge to understand and intelligently comment on a scientific paper discussing climate studies. My guess is that most of your “climate scientists” are low level lab techs working in oil company research or science teachers from community colleges. The only hoax in this discussion in the 31,000 scientist petition.
Simon Mouer · Top Commenter · Licensed Professional Engineer (Retired) at Consulting Engineer


1. For years now none of the dire “imminent catastrophes” claimed global warmist have occurred. No rising average temperatures, no melting polar ice caps (they do seasonally melt around the edges in their summer, but they refreeze in their winter), no drowning coastlines, and no starving or drowning polar bears — not a one.

2. What is clear now is that “global warming” (now called “climate change”) is a political movement whose real agenda is global wealth redistribution. The mechanism to effect global wealth redistribution is the so-called “Cap & Trade in Carbon Credits — wherein rich nations would be obligated to buy the assigned carbon credits of poor nations.

3. While poor nations (more than 100) are all eager to sell their “Carbon Credits”, rich nations don’t buy into the global wealth redistribution plan. So a fictional imminent global warming catastrophe was invented to stampede the ignorant masses to agitate for their governments to pass Cap & Trade legislation. Never mind that Cap & Trade would do nothing to alleviate global warming (if it were actually occurring.)

4. US government-designated “scientist” and the IPCC are jus0t a subset of political activist, self-described as “climate scientist,” very few of which with real academic credentials in climatology (the real science). Their purpose is to create a pseudo-science of “climate change” and a base of rigged reports and fake dire predictions — all with the intent to create a hysteria in the voting public and in otherwise ignorant politicians to pass Cap & Trade legislation.

5. There is a legitimate scientific organization with real scientists credentialed in climatology and related fields that evaluates IPCC “studies and predictions.” It is called the NIPCC (Non-governmental panel on Climate Change) Their evaluations are posted on their web sites at:


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