Here’s Why America Fell Into The Hands Of Tyrants

April 8, 2014 by

When faced with the inevitable destabilization and destruction of one’s country and culture, it is only natural to define and expose the culprit behind the chaos. The liberty movement spends an incredible amount of time and energy unmasking the criminality of international financiers and globalists, but it is important to point out that the power of the elites is entirely dependent on the ignorance and stupidity of the masses. Without a majority of thoroughly foolish Americans, there would be no base of support for the actions of tyrants. Without the mind-boggling superficiality and bias of the average citizen, there would be no fertile ground for the schemes of totalitarians to blossom. Truly, there are two great enemies of any liberty-based society: the power-mad oligarchy and the idiots who make their conquests more feasible.

Is our Nation built upon carefully crafted lies? Yes. Is our political establishment a false paradigm? Yes. Is our public school system corrupt and poisonous? Of course. But are elitists the only source of our despair? No. It is vital that we acknowledge the important part played by biased, selfish, cruel and mentally challenged persons in the destruction of all that is good in this world. There is no power over us but that which we give away; and, sadly, too many useless Americans are willing to give away everything in the name of comfort, fear or narcissism.

Do you want to see the face of this Nation’s decline? Check out the video diary of this woman and understand that there are millions more out there like her:

Melissa Melton of The Daily Sheeple posted the video under the headline “’The Fruits of Socialism’: I Can’t Even Stand to Watch the Rest of this Video.”  []

It is almost impossible to sit through the entirety of the above video. Though I laughed hardily, I have to admit as well that this was a simultaneous source of entertainment and emotional torture.

First, during the full nine minutes of the video, I was praying that the camera view would not drop below shoulder level. Who knows if this woman had enough initiative or sense to put on clothes before filming her own welfare confessions? Being forced to witness 300 pounds of stark-naked, socialist-fed cellulite is not my idea of fun. Secondly, I realize that this pink haired EBT-addicted sasquatch represents a considerable portion of the American public. As much as I despise her, I understand that she is a part of a much larger collective of parasites gorging on the arteries of those who actually make an effort to better their own lives.

I have met hundreds of people who have embraced the life of the bottom-feeder. They are everywhere. They are your neighbors, your acquaintances, your friends, your family, etc. In using the term “bottom-feeder,” I am not necessarily referring to people who refuse to work within our current economic climate. I have nothing but respect for those who make the effort to break from the system and go their own way, surviving using methods that violate mainstream taboos and functioning without the aid of a bureaucratic machine. No, a bottom-feeder is someone who uses the system as a weapon to take from others while contributing nothing in return.

Keep in mind that there are nearly 50 million people in America today who rely on government-funded food stamps just to eat. That is a bewildering portion of our population, which will defend the socialization of our country no matter what the consequences.

In the view of the common socialist, it is the responsibility of the working class to give shelter to what I call the “disinterested class,” the people who have no inclination to invest in their own futures and who feel that they deserve, for whatever insane reason, the forced charity of others. This may be due to delusions of grandeur like those of the woman above, who thinks her “hobbies” give her artistic license to live on the dime of strangers. Or it may be due to a misplaced sense of expectation — a notion that they reserve the right to have their lives capitalized as if they are precious commodities. As if their existence were assured by some kind of legal mandate.

Not long ago, there was an element of shame when someone played the system for too long and siphoned money through dishonesty and misrepresentation. Today, the welfare society has bred an army of self-righteous leeches: people who are actually proud to live without working, who are proud to steal from others to sustain themselves and who brag about their ability to forage for entitlements through the unsecured avenues of government taxation. Here is yet another example of this attitude on display:

Could it be possible that the existence of the welfare class gives strength and locomotion to the machinations of the aristocracy? Could it be possible that for every person who relies on the system for survival the system fuels its continued dominance? And, if that is the case, would it not benefit the state to engineer economic collapse and conditions of poverty in order to accelerate the socialist condition?

Look at it this way: For tyranny to remain energetic, it must have a growing population of dependent citizens and a growing organization of interdependent economies. The fewer independent people there are, the more real estate tyrants have available to maneuver. This is not to say that every welfare leech contributes directly to totalitarianism. Rather, every welfare leech represents one less person who will stand as an obstacle to the formation of despotism.

Tax-dependent people coalesce into a collectivist hive, an easily enslaved piece of leverage used against independent people as a means to manipulate. When corrupt government confronts us with the argument that more power and more centralization are necessary for the “greater good” of the “greater number,” these are the people to whom they are referring. So it behooves us to ask whether the “greater number” are actually worth the sacrifice of money and freedom the government demands.

Are the people featured in the videos above really products of the “greater good,” or are they something else?

Is it really our job to support with our tax dollars a subculture of overgrown brats, a subculture that will eventually be used as a bartering chip designed to place us in chains further down the road? Should any of us feel compelled to throw money at a problem that will only cause us more pain in the near future? I have to say that I feel no regret in tossing such people to the curb.

In all honesty, most great revelations in human history and most great changes in social environment are triggered by the efforts of dedicated minorities. Why should the liberty movement continue to perpetuate the myth that the “greater good” of the “greater number” really matters? The mainstream is utterly devoid of value or redemption. The vast majority of Americans (and the majority of most people around the world) are waffling simpletons and spectators hiding in the dark recesses of the modern Colosseum. They exist as nothing but cannon fodder for the elites.

This might sound like a harsh judgment, but I suggest you watch the above videos again. The future we are fighting for likely will not include such people. Their survival through the harshest of times is impossible. Their lack of independence makes their demise inevitable. In the grand scheme of things, I see little utility in attempting to save them. This is why I question any liberty movement proponents who claim that our salvation requires the “awakening” of the mainstream. This goal is not only unattainable, but also a distraction.

As much as the globalists have initiated the pain and suffering of our republic, it has been the dull-witted masses that have allowed the horror to endure. Though our primary mission is to inform, it is also important that we recognize that there are limits to the “reach, teach and inspire” methodology. Those who know will always be in a minority. Those who don’t know will always outnumber us. Perhaps it is time that we stop giving the dregs of the mainstream so much support and attention. Perhaps it is time we stop seeking their favor. Perhaps we should build our own culture, separate, free and industrious; and let them wallow in their own self-created misery. Perhaps it is time for a change in the status quo. For if we allow the culture of entitlement to continue as a mainstay of our Nation and a source of pride for acolytes, then are we any better than they are?

Isn’t it our duty to finally say “no” to those who would pick our pockets and trade off our freedoms in the name of equality and charity? Isn’t it better to end this charade now and struggle through the consequences than it is to continue the socialist lie to the benefit of tyrants?

–Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:


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