Scientific Materialism Motivating the Overlords of the Republican Party

To Joseph Farah: I respectfully disagree
By Alan Keyes March 17, 2014

“The Constitution is on life support because there are so few men and women with courage, principle and a sense of right and wrong in politics today in the Republican Party, which, sadly, represents the only hope of reversing the statist, socialist, anti-American political onslaught.”

– WND Editor Joseph Farah, in “How easily the First Amendment can die”

It’s rare that I find myself in stark disagreement with something my friend Joseph Farah says. It’s rarer still when I think that disagreement so important that it warrants a public response. But I encountered that rarity when I read the words quoted above. It turns out that Joseph Farah and I disagree on the most important prudential question American citizens are facing right now. Is there hope for the revival and preservation of liberty in the United States of America? I believe there is.

But if the Republican Party “represents the only hope of reversing the statist, socialist, anti-American political onslaught,” then I must be wrong. For I am morally certain that the GOP now offers no such hope, and that its prevailing leadership has no intention of doing so. Even if they did, the money/corporate powers that mainly sustain and control them will not allow it.

Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto of the bill intended to protect the free exercise of religion is completely convincing evidence of this fact. Mr. Farah portrays Brewer’s veto as a lack of personal character and conviction, a consequence of selfish personal interests and ambition. He entirely disregards the circumstances I discussed in my article on Brewer’s choice nearly two weeks ago. Gov. Brewer’s action came in the context of a full court press that involved prominent members of the GOP’s elitist faction leadership, including the GOP’s nominees for president in 2012 and 2008.

It’s simply not enough to say that their actions arise from personal flaws and foibles. Though they make a show of contempt for people who are “ideological,” the GOP’s elitist faction leaders are thoroughly, passionately committed to the ideology of scientific materialism. They therefore reject the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that a certain understanding of God and right are the basis for justice in government.

Of course, for some years after Ronald Reagan left office, they were willing to string along conservative voters who believe in the moral premises of the Declaration, which start with the acknowledgment of God’s authority over justice and His Providential role in human affairs. (I discussed a case in point that illustrates this in an article I wrote in 2005, about a 1993 speech given by G.W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers.)

But in 2008 the elitist faction began its push toward open supremacy in the United States. Barack Obama represents the ideology of scientific materialism in its most blatant form. He is the spearhead for the forces of materialist dictatorship that mean to establish government that respects no claim of God-endowed right, no prerogative of conscience that appeals to the authority of God. The GOP nominees in 2008 and 2012 were both somewhat less overtly ideological versions of Barack Obama.

What unites them all is their embrace of scientific materialism, which makes morality irrelevant to the pursuit of power. They mean to overthrow what Tocqueville saw as the inexorable advance of government of, by, and for the people. They mean to return mankind to the notion that justice is the good of the stronger; that might makes right; that the power to “create facts” is all that matters in politics, not the specifically human ability reasonably to decide the right or wrong of things, regardless of the forces disposed to impose themselves upon us.

What then becomes of human liberty? Nothing is left of it except the freedom to array ourselves for a battle already decided against by the partisan sham that unites the forces of tyranny. This tyrannical collusion is one of the things America’s founders sought permanently to avoid. But it becomes “the only hope” if we must act as if there is no way to save America’s liberty outside of the Republican Party.

But as George Washington forewarned, and we must now remember, a factional party system offers liberty destruction, not hope. Liberty’s hope is in God, and in the people willing, come what may, to exercise the right, as He created us to do. Americans who still embrace the wisdom of the founding must put this into practice. They must reject and outmaneuver the partisan sham the forces of elitist faction tyranny are using to undo and destroy the premises of America’s liberty.

WND is promoting an impeachment drive that reflects the view that impeachment is something we should beg of Congress in a petition, as though they’re doing us a favor. This leaves the partisan sham intact. By contrast, I believe impeachment/removal is something we must demand of all the candidates for Congress, as a condition for receiving our support as voters, just as though they are elected to be our representatives, not our masters. This reasserts the constitutional sovereignty of the people.

This rediscovery and reassertion of the constitutional role of the people is the general objective of the impeachment/removal electoral strategy for the 2014 congressional elections. The defense of our liberty is not a party favor that we should beg for. In that regard, we already have the only favor we need. It does not come from any human government or political party, but from the Creator, God. The “only hope” for America’s God-endowed liberty is that we boldly exercise it.

Do you have the courage to stand forward in a visible show of strength that does so? If enough of us show that courage, we will vindicate the knowledge of God-endowed right, which in good conscience obliges us to pose the choice as liberty or else.

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